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Here’s how to prepare your home for sale

When you are ready to get your home on the market, there are a number of steps you should take to attract potential buyers. Competition can be tough. Give your property an edge by doing the following preparations.

Major repair.

Take a look around your house and make a list of anything that isn’t working. Decide what areas you can afford to move buyers to an offer. Carry out repairs that increase the functional or aesthetic value of the property. For example, to improve outdoor living options, apply a top sealer after sanding and painting this precious addition. Many home buyers pay extra for a home with a serviceable deck that is in good condition. Be sure to check out Catherine Galvin’s list and buyer’s guide for the best top sealers and check out not just the star rating but how each type of seal works.

Also, clean up your landscape to provide attractive outdoor leisure and entertainment areas. Check the windows, steps, handrails, and other entrance features of your home to make sure they are safe and looking good. Add new weather strips to windows and doors to reduce energy costs.

Inside, check your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems to make sure they are in good condition. Consider making the repairs you think necessary or be prepared to negotiate any errors in your listing price.


Before listing your home with a realtor, you may want to make upgrades that will attract more buyers or get a higher sale price. To keep upgrade costs down, you can redesign your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them but get new countertops for a fresh new look. If you can’t afford to swap out the rugs, add new accent rugs for color and style. You may also want to rework beautiful hardwood floors, which is often a valued feature for buyers. Crown moldings can enhance the appearance of any room without remodeling the entire room. Furniture covers have the potential to give a new look to your aging sofas and upholstered chairs.

This could be a good time to invest in new windows or shutters and have the front door repainted. A new shower, toilet and sink in the bathroom as well as new matching kitchen appliances will also leave a good impression on buyers. Polishing or replacing older doorknobs and vents in your home will add beautiful accents to brighten up any room.


To maximize the value of your home, you can turn a large closet into a toilet. Rework part of the basement as a recreation area or home office. Plant trees or shrubs in your open property that may provide shade. Install a porch awning or bamboo umbrellas so residents can sit on the porch without being overheated from the sunshine. If you don’t already have a full home air conditioner, this is a good time to get one.

Converting part of the basement or a breeze path from the garage to the house into a laundry room. The attic can be converted into an art or writing studio. Update the bathroom faucet hardware. There are many relatively simple and inexpensive additions you can make to add to the attractiveness of your home to buyers.


Talk to your realtor about whether or not your home should be staged for marketing collateral and buyer sightseeing. The staging gives style and glamor to houses that are empty, because the owners have already moved out or if the house is simply furnished.

Staging can effectively update a home so buyers can envision the property’s potential. When you bring in beautiful furniture that matches the structure and design of the house, buyers can dream of furnishing the house the way they want it to be.

However, some houses are not suitable for staging. Adding furniture would add an artificial feel to the house and put off buyers. The home decor should be coordinated and up to date to impress home buyers who take a look.

Preparing your home for the housing market is similar to preparing for an upcoming special family event. You want the property to look its best without overwhelming your budget. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to enhance, enhance, and promote the best functions of your home while downplaying or eliminating the negatives. Decide what time and money you are willing to invest in getting your home ready for sale at a fair price.


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