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A guide to an effective hiring process

Over the years I have found one key element that can make your business successful more than anything else in hiring effectively. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, up to 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions.

When it comes to hiring, it takes time and practice to learn how to streamline the process and find the right candidate for the job. It is important not only to make sure that your candidate is qualified, but also to have a good cultural fit with your vision.

The interview process

I’ve made a fair share of hiring mistakes in the past and have used the lessons of that experience to streamline the hiring process. The steps below will help lower your sales by screening each candidate for the characteristics that are best for your business.

    1. Do your homework. Clearly define what you are looking for in a candidate. A well-written job description will clearly explain the expectations of the position you are trying to fill. It should contain the overall purpose of the job, tasks, qualifications, and clear next steps for the interview process. Define the schedule, the number of interviews and who will be involved internally.
    2. Determine who reviews resumes and potential candidates. Make a clear list of the skills and experience that a desired resume would include. According to Jobvite, every sixth candidate who applies for a position is invited for an interview. This step in narrowing down the candidate pool is critical. If you don’t do it effectively, you can let top talent out of the interview process.
    3. Do the first interview. This call is the first impression you have of each candidate and will give you a better understanding of whether or not they might fit your team. In fact, 33% of recruiters say they know if they’re going to hire someone in the first 90 seconds. (Twin Employment & Training.) To attract top talent, you need to clearly outline the entire interview process – how long each step will take, when they will hear from you, and what to do for each interview. Use this time on the first call to explain the benefits you offer, the corporate culture and the vision of the team.
    4. Follow-up interviews. Your top candidates will then need to be interviewed by the other in-house staff you wish to include in the process. This is a great time to better understand the character of potential employees as they can respond more openly to someone they consider a peer. One tool that can be particularly helpful at this stage of the process is personality or strength assessment tests. These tests can help provide some insight into the candidate – how they are learning, reacting to different situations, and dealing with others.
    5. Completion of the final interview. At this point, the candidate pool should be narrowed down considerably. I encourage you to use the final interview to test your skills. That way, you can see the quality of the work that each of them can do. Discuss various challenges the position might pose and how they would react if they had the job. I also recommend checking out their testimonials and asking how they think their former colleagues would review them. This provides a key context for previous work and helps provide more open and honest responses to their experiences.
    6. Negotiate the job offer. Now that you’ve made your final choices, now is the time to submit your job offer. When making the offer, clearly review the accomplishments, salary, title of the position, growth path, and a deadline for feedback. As you negotiate, keep in mind that a little flexibility in your hiring can go a long way in hiring top talent who are passionate and excited about the opportunity to work for you.

Use this procedure to find your ideal candidate. You can build a dedicated and energetic team.


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