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Why loving yourself is the first step in finding love. Find out how to do it.

ed. Note: Today I am very excited to welcome my friend Jessie De Lowe to share her wisdom on what it means to “find your soulmate”. If you don’t know her, Jessie is a manifestation trainer, yoga teacher, art therapist, co-founder of How You Glow, and host of Madly Forever Podcast. Her workshops and coaching sessions combine her background in therapeutic healing with practical clinical research and science to help her clients align with the true calling of their soul. She has just started a new Manifesting Love course where you can delve deep into these topics with her. Thanks Jessi!

The secret to manifesting the love you want is to realize that it is already yours. That’s true; Your ultimate soulmate forever is not outside of you, but inside you. Falling in love with yourself is the gateway to finding the person who is a perfect match for you. A special person with whom you can connect, develop and grow.

When you focus your energy on creating a sense of wholeness instead of desperately trying to fill a void, you are entering a state where you are most magnetic and alive.

From this place of self-love and inner satisfaction, you are more likely to draw a healthy partner into your sphere. When you truly love each other, you feel worthy of a partner who will elevate, challenge, and inspire you – instead of settling for “whatever you can get” from a fear-based mindset.

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Focus on the WHY.

Instead of worrying about how or when to find “the one,” focus on the WHY. Why do you want to find someone How will you feel when you have the partner of your dreams? Once you are clear about how you would like to feel in partnership, begin bringing that energy into your present reality. The universe will return that vibration and send it to you in the form of the most aligned partner. How do you magnetize this energetic match? By tapping on what makes you shine right now, you feel like the most authentic, awake, lively, and contented version of yourself. The work is to move into that place within you, one thought, one action, and one small step at a time – the rest is effortless.

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Change the story you’re telling yourself.

When you are struggling to love yourself, it really is about undoing any stories that you have created in your head as a result of trauma or previous experiences. Our natural state is pure, unconditional love. This is our natural essence, but to return to this state when we are out of it, deep inner work is often required. Start by assessing what limiting beliefs, judgments, and low-vibration thoughts are circulating in your system on a daily basis. It is time to rewrite these toxic thoughts and create a new loving, supportive, and healthy inner dialogue. Think about how you would talk to a friend or your child, using the same voice of compassion for yourself. Every time you learn something new or think about something in a different way, your brain creates a new cycle. In that case, this new circuit will be one that will increase your inner self-worth.

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Lean in discomfort.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel amazing immediately as you set off on the path of self-love and discovery. In fact, you should expect it to feel uncomfortable. Self-doubt and fear are two things that you will always feel as you step into a new realm of existence and step into your strength and self-worth. The mind loves the familiar – and when the familiar is an inner world that is not self-sustaining, your habitual tendencies for dear life will stop to try to keep it that way. Slip through and lean into the discomfort of creating a new way of being, knowing that you are stepping into your truth and the universe will always support it.


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