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So much has happened – this is what you need to see on Connect Now

Although January has just ended in Inman Connect, the second season of our digital event series Inman Connect Now starts in less than a week – and so much has happened.

I’ve had conversations with so many in the Inman community that I’m really glad to see these hot topics on the agenda Inman Connect Now next week (with a great number of speakers)

Here are a few lively conversations that come to mind:

Zillow’s big acquisition news with ShowingTime was huge

There are so many questions and not enough answers. Is this a data game? A consumer move? A real estate agent move? What’s happening now? So speculation is never as healthy as facts We ask Errol Samuelson from Zillow The tough questions LIVE at the event. I already know how many of you will use chat to do this.

Another: How agents can list inventory with the right strategies

This happened at Connect with my Morning Show in January – and we dive deeper and work on the strategies together. It’s an incredibly competitive market across the country with record stocks. We need to generate business in new ways while managing buyers’ frayed nerves and paperbacks. Let’s discuss with Joe Rand and his panel.

Speaking of customer relationships, really one excellent online presence attracts companies, doesn’t it? We’ll talk about how you can really authentically present yourself with all your options.

All of these tech companies are going public?

What do IPOs like Matterport, eXp, Opendoor and the possible upcoming IPO of Compass mean for the industry? Venture capital not only finances real estate technology but the public as well. Our own Clelia Peters, Inman employee Patrick Kearns, and JP Morgan’s senior analyst Anthony Paolone will get all of this straight to the point.

What else can be expected

While some events are events, others are a collective of conversation and Actionable takeaways that transform the way we do business and can only be shared by those who live it every day. Dig deeper, share our experience together in order to navigate the future and receive ideas. We will see that on Thursday.

I’ll start with my live morning show and we’ll end the day with an “Ask Me Anything” session with speakers. And we’ll start a monthly discussion in the Connect Now Book Club (more on that later.)

Since February is my birthday month and the month of love, I hope that you will present me with your presence. I really enjoy our Inman community and learn from our conversations. I know how much your presence helps our community do great things.

I love getting in touch with you so spend the day (Thursday February 18th) with us!

You can sign up for the one-day event here – or just go all-in with me year-round and get all of our Connect Now events, as well as Inman Connect in June for our $ 199 Valentine’s Day special here.

Chat soon!


PS Check your inbox for an email from me and let’s connect on Facebook!


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