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Primary Wave buys catalog from Wilson Phillips members Chynna Phillips and Carnie Wilson

Primary Wave Music has signed a catalog takeover agreement with Wilson Phillips members Chynna Phillips and Carnie Wilson.


The company has purchased the copyrights and income shares in the music publishing catalog from Chynna Phillips and Carnie Wilson’s writers’ interest in her music catalog, as well as the royalties for both songwriters.

The news comes just two weeks after Primary Wave Music took over legendary record company Sun Records.

The acquisition includes many of the hits Phillips and Wilson wrote as members of Wilson Phillips, including You’re in Love, Release Me, and their # 1 hit Hold On.

The song was the first single on the group’s Grammy-nominated debut album, Wilson Phillips, which sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Hold On was released in 1990 and topped the Billboard Hot 100 and was the top hit single of that year.

The song won the Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single and received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance.

The trio saw two more No. 1 singles, Release Me and You’re in Love, which were also nominated for a Grammy.

The terms of the contract also include the name and likeness for Carnie Wilson and Chynna Phillips. According to Primary Wave, access to the company’s marketing and publishing infrastructure will also be granted, which includes digital strategy, licensing, dubbing capabilities, and film and TV production.

“We’re really looking forward to getting creative with your catalog and hidden gems.”

Robert Dippold, Primary Wave Music

Robert Dippold, Partner and President of Digital Strategy for Primary Wave Music, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome both Chynna and Carnie into our family! Together as members of Wilson Phillips, they took the pop music world by storm with their debut album of the same name, which was filled with their characteristic harmonic sounds.

“Not only do Carnie and Chynna write unforgettable music, but they also have the uncanny ability to reinterpret and reinterpret songs that make their own mark.

“We really look forward to getting creative with their catalog and the hidden gem songs!”

The news today also follows Primary Wave’s acquisition last month of a majority stake in Primary Wave’s music publishing catalog of Jon Lind, an award-winning songwriter, multi-platinum A&R and music publisher.

The company also announced it had acquired a 50% interest in KT Tunstall’s music publishing catalog on January 13, one week after Primary Waves announced it had acquired the music publishing catalog from award-winning songwriter Dan Wilson.

In December, Primary Wave bought a stake in the music publishing catalog and in the master recordings of singer and songwriter Leo Sayer.

A week earlier, the company acquired a majority stake in the publishing catalog of legendary singer, songwriter and Fleetwood Mac member Stevie NicksMusic business worldwideMusic business worldwide


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