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It’s time to focus on projects, not ideas

It’s time to focus on projects, not ideas

We are distracted from what is important to us through our personal projects. Charlie Gilkey says in Start Finishing that a project is “anything that takes time, energy, and attention to complete”. There are projects that keep us busy and then there are projects that help us to be successful – to take us to the next level.

In order to get to the place where our soul longs, we need to transform our ideas into feasible projects and at the same time realize all the projects we carry out. The problem isn’t that we’re lazy or incompetent – it’s just that we aren’t doing the work that enables us to be successful.

Fortunately, you already know what to do to be successful. Yes, it is related to the idea that annoys you.

To get moving we need to find a place on our schedule for our best projects – the ones that make us successful. The reality of finite time means we have to choose what is most important to us here and now. To do this, we need intention, self-awareness of our work, limits, the courage to move forward, and discipline. (IABCD, if you are interested in it) “Our innate talent, our creativity and our drive in combination with discipline make us forces of nature.”

There are consequences if we don’t do our best work. We wither and suffer from creative constipation.

Creative constipation is exactly what it sounds like. We take in ideas and inspirations that are turned into aspirations, goals, and projects, and at some point, if we don’t push them out in the form of completed projects, they begin to support us.

And as with physical constipation, at some point we become toxic. We don’t want to take up any more ideas. We don’t want to do any more projects. We don’t want to set goals or plans anymore. We are full and full.

This internal toxicity becomes the broth that tastes all of our stories about us and the world. Your head litter becomes more pronounced and intense, and what we see in the world goes from light to dark. Creative constipation leads to behaviors where we hit the world – and sometimes even more intensely. We get angry with others – even people we love – doing their best job.

Gilkey explains how to make room for your project, what obstacles stand in the way, and how to implement your plan.

Start finishing today.

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