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I wish you a nice (long) weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates! We played online code names with my parents and sister and it works really well. We have another match tonight! Do you have a good one, and here are a few links from the internet …

A fun cure for boredom.

What it feels like to be Chinese during COVID in America. (And this caption.)

The thinnest house in England.

Five people describe dating during the pandemic.

I love the texture of this fisherman’s sweater (and it’s 30% off).

The best broccoli, of all things.

These undergraduate reviews are really fun if you’re into something like this. 😉

The new movie Minari looks wonderful.

What the snow really looks like in NYC.

12 Valentine’s Day gifts at Trader Joe’s.

I love all things house hunting so I devoured this house hunting story.

Plus three reader comments:

Danielle continues: I found the perfect evening activity: “I loved the @poetryisnotaluxury Instagram account because it reminded me of favorites and introduced me to so many poets. I will forever have a soft spot for Richard Brautigan:
Widows complaint
It’s not cold enough
Borrow firewood
from the neighbors. “

Erika about the parents’ nostalgia: “My three children are 22, 19 and 16 years old, and if I had a wish, the doorbell would ring and your little one would be on the way there at any age. with overnight bags packed to spend a day or two with all of us. Reliving those moments (those little faces that I miss!) And thinking about how they would react and interact individually and collectively – them ‘then’ and them ‘now’ – just thinking about them makes me laugh and get tearful every time. I can only hope grandparents will look like this. “

Katie says of what you talk about with the people you live with: “We started having mini TED conversations on topics that one person knows a lot about and the other basically knows nothing. Current topics:
– breastfeeding
– stocks
– High School Drill Team
– How to make the perfect smoothie (he used to work at Jamba Juice)
It’s really stupid but interesting to think about all the things we all know that the other doesn’t know, even though he’s the person I know best! “

(Photo by Yasmine Mei / Instagram.)


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