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Keynote for February 11, 2021

Keynote for February 11, 2021

Common IDEAS have the power to broaden perspectives, change thinking and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious to explore:


Historians Will and Ariel Durant on the need for educated citizens:

“Democracy is the most difficult of all forms of government because it requires the greatest dissemination of information, and we forgot to make ourselves intelligent when we made ourselves sovereign. Education has spread, but intelligence is repeatedly delayed by the fertility of the simple. It may be true, as Lincoln suggested, that “you can’t always fool everyone,” but you can fool enough of them to rule a great country.

If equal opportunities in education can be established, democracy will be real and justified. Because this is the crucial truth under his slogans: Although men cannot be the same, their access to education and opportunities can be made almost equal. Human rights are not the right to office and power, but the right to enter every street that can nourish and test a person’s suitability for office and power. “

Source: The Lessons of History


Retired Professor William Kilpatrick on the importance of moral education and why teaching leadership is critical to leadership development

“None of us want to go to untrained doctors, or fly with untrained pilots, or let untrained soldiers protect our country, but for some reason we believe that one can be a good person without training in kindness. We have succumbed to a myth which claims that morality comes about naturally or at best with the help of a little thought. However, it seems increasingly clear that these metaphors and the resulting models do not work. In most situations it is “natural” to find the easy way out. The most sensible plan of action is to always put yourself first. ”

Source: Why Johnny Can’t Distinguish Right From Wrong: And What We Can Do About It

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