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Interest in Instashowing is increasing: is it the next ShowingTime?

A show management solution for brokers and multiple listing services, Instashowing does a great job not to complicate the process of organizing a show.

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Instashowing is a property that the administration app displays.

Platforms: Browser, mobile addressable
Ideal for: All brokers, independent or franchise

Top selling points::

  • Sharp, efficient user experience
  • Encourages feedback
  • Calendar integrations
  • Easy time / date control for demonstrations
  • Text notifications to buyers and property users

Main concern::

With interest in this app set in after Zillow took over ShowingTime, prospective users should be patient with the onboard times and the availability of support. However, expect this to wear off over time.

What you should know

A show management solution for brokers and multiple listing services, Instashowing does a great job not to complicate the process of organizing a show.

Think about it: a show is just a few people who come together in a common place at an agreed time. It doesn’t have to be a corporate effort. It’s like lunch – or at least it should be.

At the time of our demo, the founder of Instashowing, Will Schoeffler (who is 22 years old, which can be seen in part by the fact that he started the app while studying), said he had around 1,000 users.

He sent me an email the day after Zillow announced it had recorded ShowingTime to say he was suddenly a little busy. “It feels like the entire industry is trying to get on board our website overnight. I’ve had dozens of +10,000 MLS requesting a quote, ”he said.

I am not suprised.

The app quickly picks up listing information and asks for a picture, address, and some details. Users can set the availability times and required duration, and customize the required notification period for each.

It’s easy to see if an entry is free or busy, and you can control whether the agents or their salespeople require approval. The booking screen is clean and reflects the mobile-inspired aesthetic of the app. It has its own URL that can be shared.

The statuses displayed are sorted in the user interface by color-coded tabs for Pending, Approvals, New Plans, Buyer New Plans, and Feedback. It’s a simple horizontal menu structure on a collapsible list of active properties. Open, edit, save, close. Brilliant.

Approved ads instantly fill your calendar and trigger a series of text notifications to all parties.

One exceptionally irritating aspect of demonstrations is the buyer’s lack of interest in providing feedback, or at least feedback that provides actionable insights.

Instashowing makes feedback central to their app usage and sends the buyer’s agents a short, customizable web survey that is automatically sent an hour after the ad.

Survey recipients just need a few buttons under short questions like “Did your buyer like the property?” Click. and “What do you think of the price?”

If desired, the feedback can be shared directly with the inmates via a text link.

The app contains links to related COVID-19 information and related documents and may contain the names and contact information of the assistants to be notified. Agents can also find out about updates directly from the app in order to group communication according to properties.

Instashowing was born from the troubles its founder witnessed when his family moved from wildfire-ravaged California to Bend, Oregon. He couldn’t believe how much work it took her agent just to get into a house. His initial development funds came from a business school scholarship and part of his own scholarship money.

For his brief tenure in space, Instashowing solves the biggest challenges of dealing with home screenings, and its founder’s fresh approach is quickly paying off. There’s no bloating or trying to be anything more than a quick, intuitive planning tool.

Improvements and industry-oriented value creation will undoubtedly occur as the software ages. And given the person behind it, it takes a long time to mature.

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Craig C. Rowe started commercial real estate at the start of the dotcom boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now assists agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and technology for Inman.


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