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Embrace the sucking

Embrace the sucking

Resilience is what carries us through life to achieve our goals. Pain will always be with us, but if we can learn to lean into it and be comfortable, uncomfortable, we can live more fulfilling lives.

Resilience is what Brent Gleeson’s book, Embrace the Suck: The Navy SEAL Path to an Extraordinary Life, is about. He writes: “Avoiding pain means fundamentally denying our potential. We cannot develop mental resilience without experiencing emotional pain and suffering. “Resilience is about perspective and reality.

The toughest mentally and physically tough people I know are constantly practicing the art of building resilience – by deliberately pushing the limits of their comfort zone to pursue their passions and causes greater than themselves. Simply put, they choose Adversity versus mediocrity and push ahead despite the opportunities stacked against them.

By strengthening our minds, we can overcome obstacles and pave the way to a deliberate life. Gleeson provides us with various mental models with which we can cope with unhappiness, pain and insecurity. A simple but effective model that Gleeson offers for this is the five-step root cause analysis. When we understand cause and effect – the consequences of our behavior – we can grow and move forward. Observe, learn and grow.

Five-step root cause analysis

Gleeson uses the example of being laid off – the bad thing that happened to you. The high-level cause is that they had to downsize and only keep the top performers. However, if you dig deeper and focus only on the issues that you can control, such as: B. Your actual or perceived underperformance, you can discover something actionable. Then ask what you’ve done well and what you could work on, and list them in step four. Then, in step 5, set specific goals that are precise, realistic, and time-bound, and start with an objective statement like, “I will never lose a job for poor performance.”

A useful tool for learning, identifying, and then controlling what you can control. This personal feedback loop puts you in a constant state of correction and improvement.

Of course we have to be clear about our values. Your values ​​help you know what the winning looks like. “Essentially, every action or choice should fit clearly into your value creation markings. Deviations outside of these markers usually result in tragedy. You need to ask yourself what are you willing to live by these values ​​and, most importantly, what you do not want to do to avoid deviations. “Like removing temptation.

As we work towards our new goal, we must remove everything that stands in its way. “Remove any opportunity for temptation and distraction – any obstacle or competing priority. Maintain the entire mission focus. “Develop self-control.

Temptation is just a reality of life. Without it, there would be no willpower. Life will regularly test you. So be ready to pass the test! ”

Focus only on what you can control immediately. Ignore everything else.

Focusing on what we control and ignoring (or at least de-prioritizing) everything else is a central part of the growth philosophy and applies equally to achieving goals and overcoming obstacles in our personal and professional lives.

And, as Gleeson points out in Chapter 7, choose carefully what you suffer for. “Life is a series of choices.” Successful Seals trainees do it because they “accept it as a means to a better end”.

And he encourages, “If you stumble, find the root cause and move on. Don’t get caught up in feelings of guilt, anger, or frustration as these emotions will only pull you down further and hinder future progress. “

Throughout the book you will find many mental models with practical steps to take you forward. Models like eight mistake realities, five steps to curb temptation, practicing the things that suck, mastering self-discipline, and a model for violent execution among others.

How ready are you to take up the sucking? Go to war with you.

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