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Eight Steps to Determining Your Niche and What Makes Your Brand Stand Out

As a business owner, it is important to keep an eye on your competition and find ways to differentiate yourself from others in your industry. In a saturated market in particular, it is important to stand out from a strong personal brand.

To do this, you want to define what makes you and your brand unique. If you want to get this right, follow this advice from members of the Young Entrepreneur Council who have shared eight key steps in trying to improve your niche.

Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council offer advice on how to find out what makes your brand unique.

Photos courtesy of each member.

1. Develop your ‘Internet Voice’

Create an “Internet Voice” that reflects your brand. Some brands have focused on having a fun internet presence, others have found success a bit snappy, and some are known for their infinite positivity. Whichever you choose, be consistent across all online platforms – your social media presence, website language, digital ads, etc. Find a unique way to get your message across and work with it. – Leila Lewis, be inspired PR

2. Get direct feedback from followers

It is important to have one-on-one conversations in a low pressure environment where consumers can express their opinions. Direct feedback from your customer base is a unique perspective and cannot be replicated through an extensive data collection process. It enables you to tailor solutions based on these real world testimonials. You may have a different view of who your market is. So by looking at it from an outside perspective, you can get an accurate picture of where you fit in the market. – Justin Lefkovitch, mirrored media

3. Be authentic to you

I would say look to use your story, background, or personal characteristics. As cheesy as it sounds, in the end you are the only one you are in the world. This is an advantage. Today’s people are looking for authentic and relatable brands to connect with. So by being in your content yourself, you can attract the niche audience that this appeals to. – Rishi Sharma, Mallama

4. Share your story

To define what is unique about your personal brand, tell their story. Marketers use storytelling to create an emotional connection with readers and encourage them to return. It humanizes your brand and makes users feel like they know the company for more than just selling products and services. Incorporate your values ​​and beliefs into your brand story to show users what your company is about and what it stands for. This will help them decide if this is a company to invest in. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

5. Establish your value proposition

An important step in improving your niche and defining what is unique about your personal brand in a saturated market is to focus heavily on your value proposition. A value proposition is a value proposition that is intended to be delivered by the brand to the customer. It boils down to why a customer would choose you over another company that offers the same service or product. You started your business for a reason – either to offer the service or product at a better price with better performance, or to offer more value in general. Even if you are selling the same product or service, focusing on your value proposition will aim to positively differentiate you from the competition. Be proud and show what makes your business unique and let that show through in your branding. – Peter Boyd, PaperStreet Web Design

6. Ask yourself what people would miss about you if you weren’t there

Ask yourself the following question to find out what sets you apart from the competition: “If I stopped offering my services or products tomorrow, what would customers miss most about working with me?” This question gets to the bottom of what makes your company unique. Make sure your responses are reflected on your website, branding, social media, and in the voice you use to connect with your audience. Do not hold back. Really let this part shine. – Rachel Beider, PRESS Modern massage

7. Decide what you stand for and share your values

The most famous brands know that it is important to stand for something. That said, you need to have strong values ​​and not be afraid to share them. It is true that you will lose some of the audience to other brands, but if your values ​​resonate with a group, you will find loyal customers for a lifetime. It’s much harder to get new customers than to keep loyal customers happy. Make an assessment of your own values ​​as well as the values ​​that are important to your audience. Build your marketing content on this and drive it forward to differentiate your brand. People identify with your brand and thus connect with it and become customers in the long term. – Blair Williams, Member Press

8. Review how you compare yourself to your competitors

Sometimes the best way to find out what makes you stand out is to look at your competitors. As you review your competitors’ products and services, try to figure out which ones your brand is missing. Use this to your advantage and make it a major selling point in your marketing collateral and on your website. – John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC


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