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A Brooklyn studio full of plants and a huge dog

Creative director and producer Emily Elliott lives in a studio apartment in Brooklyn with her cute dog Nemo. “He thinks the apartment is his,” says Emily. “It’s like having another person around.” Here’s a look inside …

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

About an inherited aesthetic: When I was growing up, my mother was a maximalist; and although I always wanted to be a minimalist, it was passed on to me anyway. I originally wanted an “industrial loft” feel, but when I really thought about it, I wanted my apartment to feel less designed and more homely. I brought plants (lots of them!) To make the room feel fresh and happy. I also found a lot of things on the street or thrifty.

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

Concrete table: target, similar. Trunk: economical, similar. Alpaca print: Urban Outfitters.

To create storage: When I moved here I scaled down a lot. I put everything I had in a pile and tried to choose the things that mattered to me. The trunk under the TV is my favorite piece in the entire apartment, not only because it adds character, but also because it serves two purposes as main storage. It has all of my blankets and painting supplies and Christmas decorations. I also hide a lot of things under my bed. Do not open the cupboards either, or things will fly out!

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

Showcase: Ikea. Speaker: Pottery Barn.

On cherished family heirlooms: I have many things in the family that are special to me. My grandma gave me this oil lamp and it was her grandma’s. It was used during the Little House on the Prairie time which is crazy to think about.

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

Live alone: Before moving here, I always lived with significant others or flatmates. At first I was shocked at how quiet it was all the time. Now I make sure that I always have noises like TV or music in the background. A bonus is that I love having my space exactly how I want it without anyone else contributing. If I want to become a human tornado and toss every scrap outfit on the ground, I’ll do it! If I want to keep my place spotless, that’s what I do. If I want to see 90s music videos, I do this!

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

Oklahoma Sign: Urban Farmhouse in Oklahoma. Leaves: Brooklinen. Duvet: bed, bath & beyond. Circle pillow: Urban Farmhouse in Oklahoma. Litter: Urban Outfitters, similar. Antique window pane: found on the street in Morningside Heights. Antique flour sieve: passed down from grandmother. Carpet: Wayfair, similar.

About daily rituals: Quarantine alone was difficult, but I’m sticking with it. Every morning Nemo and I go to Café Beit and I get a coffee and he gets a reward. Then we go to the park and he plays for half an hour while the other dog owners and I shoot the breeze. He likes the routine and I got to know the coffee shop owner and my neighbors. In the evening we take a long walk through the park, where I blow music into headphones and leave my thoughts alone. I will stop by the bodega under my building where I am friends with the owner. then I take a completely unnecessary over-the-top bath with candles and bath bombs.

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

Basket vase: bought on a trip in St. Lucia, similar. Fish hook plant: Sprout Home. Lamp: Pottery Barn, similar. Lightbulb: Canal Lighting & Parts, similar. White vase: West Elm, similar.

At bed companion: I tried to keep my bed area simple as there is no real physical separation between bed and living room. I also make sure that I’m only on the bed in my pajamas and ready to go to sleep so that there is a mental breakup and I don’t feel like I’m living on my bed. I have a changing selection of my favorite books on my bedside table. My all-time favorite is How To Lose Her by Junot Diaz, and I’ll read everything from Nora Ephron, who began my love for New York long before I moved here.

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

As a good plant mother: My plant watering schedule is in the works, but I usually do a round when I feed Nemo in the morning to see which plant is in need. I don’t follow instructions – if a plant looks sad, I give it some water. This also keeps me from having to water everything in the same day, which is overwhelming and takes forever.

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

Dinosaur planter: Sprout Home, similar. Metal drawers: Urban Outfitters, similar.

About love for dinosaurs: I’ve loved dinosaurs for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I watched The Land Before Time a thousand times and had four birthday parties around the theme. At some point my mother said, ok, that’s enough. I have no idea why this carried over to adulthood, but I did. They’re just so cool and quirky. Can you name another animal that is the size of a building but beautiful ?!

Brooklyn Studio Apartment Tour

To adopt Nemo: In March my family and I were quarantined in Oklahoma and the shelter was overflowing with dogs so I went there to look for one. I was drawn to a loud bark, but my sister said, “No. Pick that little guy in the corner that the others are jumping on. ‘So I held him in my lap and he was just so cute. Now everyone stops on the street to speak to them and all pet owners are happy to share dog tips. It is a dog alarm / security system. It was love at first sight.

Thank you Emily!

PS A colorful single family home and Stella’s 175 square meter studio.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.)


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