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8 reasons to hire a cleaning service – your home will thank you for it

Sooner or later, dust, dirt, crumbs, flakes of skin, hair, and other nameless debris will build up on the surfaces of your furniture and begin to linger in the air of your home, requiring a thorough and thorough cleaning. While many household cleaning projects can be tackled with standard supplies and some elbow grease, others can be a larger undertaking that requires the need to hire a cleaning service.

Larger projects like cleaning skylights and exterior windows may require equipment, time, and safety precautions that are better left to professional cleaners. Likewise, delicate or valuable items such as antique carpets or curtains that appear to be simple cleaning tasks can easily lead to damage or fading if improperly cleaned. Regardless of whether you want to give the go-ahead for a spring cleaning or increase yours House value Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a cleaning service for these household items.

1) Black or green areas overwhelm the appearance of your roof

Have you noticed any dark spots or green areas on your roof? These substances are most likely caused by algae, fungus, lichen, or moss, which can degrade shingles and cause wood rot if left unattended. Roofs generally do not need to be cleaned regularly. However, if mold, algae, or soot residue builds up, it is best to consult a professional. Proper cleaning will extend the life of your roofing materials or shingles and can even improve the life of your home Restrict calling.

However, spending time on a rooftop can be very dangerous without the right safety equipment. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the chemicals used to remove these substances from your roof can be corrosive, which means they can cause burns. Most roof cleaners contain sodium hypochlorite and the occasional zinc sulfate, so this is a task that is best left to professionals. Roofs should be cleaned as needed, typically every few years. However, homes in areas with harsher climates may need more regular attention.

2) Rainwater flows out of your gutters

Gutters are often overlooked in our maintenance routines, but they are vital in preventing water damage in a home and neglecting them can have serious and costly implications in the long run. Efficient gutters collect and divert rainwater and melted snow, preventing walls and foundations from being damaged. However, leaves, sticks, dirt and even bird nests can quickly clog the gutters and impair their functionality. One of the reasons to hire a cleaning service is that a professional cleaner has the equipment necessary to prevent the outlet from clogging by removing leaves, soil, or organic debris that often builds up in gutters.

Standing and climbing up and down a ladder while rummaging around in gutters can also be a dangerous task for a homeowner, especially in larger homes with extensive gutter systems. Professional cleaners have the industrial grade equipment needed to effectively clear clogs and check your gutters to make sure repairs are not needed. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and possibly more often for homes under tall trees or during seasons with heavy rainfall and high winds.

Big windows

3) There is a lack of natural light from your windows

Windows are easy to clean inside, but the outside can be a different story. This is especially true for exterior windows in larger multi-story homes or condominiums that are part of a larger building. It may seem relatively easy to clean the outside windows of your home yourself, but it poses a number of challenges. Using too much detergent or not properly rinsing the detergent off after washing can leave more dust and dirt clinging to the windows over time, making the glass dirtier than before.

In addition, if you like to live in an area with frequent rainfall Seattle, WA, or New Orleans, LAIf you have your windows professionally cleaned before a rainstorm, dirt and dust residues cannot scratch and stick to the glass. In these cases, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure clean windows. By regularly cleaning the outside windows of your home, they not only look good, but also protect the window pane from long-term damage. Exterior windows should be cleaned at least once a year in parts of the country with high pollen counts, but ideally twice a year.

4) You notice an increased amount of dust around your air ducts

A clean air duct is important to maintain indoor air quality and reduce indoor allergens. Keeping more of us inside and making sure your air duct is in good working order can help prevent dust or other particles from building up in your home. Over time, dust, hair, flakes of skin, or dirt can build up in your sewer system. While it is tempting to go the DIY route with your vacuum cleaner, the average homeowner does not have the equipment necessary to thoroughly clean air ducts.

Air ducts that have not been properly cleaned can create a fire hazard and potentially harm your home. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), professional cleaning can ensure the ducts are free of debris and are best done every three to five years. Professional air duct cleaners will remove the harmful contaminants in your ducts without degrading the air quality in your home and can assess if additional maintenance is required.

5) A whistling sound comes from your oven

A furnace system is ultimately best left to the professionals, from installation to cleaning. Dust and dirt can build up on any surface over time, and ovens are no exception. One clear reason to hire a cleaning service is that the average homeowner may miss places where dirt and grime can accumulate and may not have the right tools to thoroughly clean the oven systems. Loud whistling or scratching noises are signs that dust, dirt, hair, or if you have pets, flakes of skin can clog your oven, indicating a filter change or cleaning is needed.

A dusty stove can also cause malfunctions in your heating system by restricting airflow and increasing energy costs, even if you don’t use your stove more than usual. Oven cleaning, including cleaning the combustion chamber and replacing the oil filter, should be done at least once a year and is best done by a professional. Having your oven cleaned and serviced annually by a professional not only saves you money on expensive repairs in the long term, but also removes dust and dirt that inevitably builds up over the year.

6) You notice the high traffic areas in your carpets

Carpets are an important part of your home and they are used a lot every day. So we want them to look as flawless as possible. While vacuuming is a good means of removing loose particles from the carpet surface, it may not be enough to keep carpets really clean. Soil that is inevitably followed and left behind in the carpet for too long can penetrate the fibers and make them very difficult to remove. And over time, carpets and rugs can become perfect traps for bacteria, allergens, pollen, and other pollutants that are naturally in the air. A professional carpet cleaner removes the hidden particles from your carpet, from burnt-in stains to dirt, and goes way beyond what even a carpet cleaner at home can do. In addition, regular cleaning will prolong the performance of your carpet and is key to keeping your home tidy.

Areas with high traffic may need to be cleaned twice a year, while less used areas of a house may need to be cleaned once a year or whenever stains or stains are visible.

Area carpet for cleaning services

7) Your antique or expensive carpets are showing signs of wear and tear

Antique or luxury rugs like Persian rugs or Oriental rugs don’t go well with a DIY carpet cleaner. In most cases these carpets are fragile and can be easily destroyed. Therefore, their care is a reason to hire a cleaning service. In addition, improper drying can lead to a moldy carpet. Professionals know the best way to clean fibers without causing damage, changing color, or leaving stains. Also, you will extend the life of your carpets by making sure they are taken care of by a professional carpet cleaner.

Since antique carpets don’t need to be cleaned regularly – every or every other year is fine – you can vacuum your carpets regularly unless there is a spill or other spill.

8) Your curtain appears discolored

Decorating with curtains is a great way to quickly add visual interest to your space and block out sunlight. However, over time, curtains naturally collect dust, odors, and allergens and can be a health concern for those with allergies. Simple curtains such as cotton or polyester curtains can fit in the washing machine; other curtains made of delicate fabrics such as silk or linen may require more attention. At least one dry cleaning procedure may be required to clean without causing damage. Another reason to hire a cleaning service is so that if the correct treatment method isn’t clearly listed, a professional cleaner can provide guidance on the appropriate cleaning needed to remove dust, dirt, mold, or mildew.

Lighter, more dirt-prone curtains should be cleaned every six months, while heavier window treatments require maintenance at least once a year to remove dust or grime. In between professional cleanings, you can keep your curtains clean by dusting them regularly.


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