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Is there a word for it?

A few weeks ago I did something that I shouldn’t have done …

My laptop was broken so I pulled out my old, half-broken one and came across a TREASURE TROVE of videos of the boys when they were little.

And, reader, I’ve been watching them.

Anton tells a story with his croaking toddler voice; Toby buckles up a song of trolls; Anton kissed my knees exactly where my jeans were torn; Toby mispronounced the word “motorcycle” (his version was “masimoto”, my heart!)

There were hundreds. I’ve seen them all.

I couldn’t get rid of a strange, sad feeling in my chest for the next few days. Why did i feel so bad? And I realized it was the videos. As your children grow, those earlier versions of them go away, and that brings with it some heartbreak. Though we are so happy that they are growing up, every year is a gift and a theft. Do you ever feel the same way (Or is this just a pandemic rethink?)

Anton as a baby:

Toby as a baby:

The boys together:

Is that how you feel As my friend said, there has to be a German word for it.

PS Toby nostalgia and 20 surprising tips for parents.


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