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5 ways to improve your home office setup

The pandemic has affected our lives in countless ways, but a change in work habits is one of the most notable. The pandemic has forced millions of workers into their homes, stealing their paths, routines and, of course, their offices. In fact, a home office is one of the most popular home trends Currently on the market and homes with home office are currently being offered in 9% more homes for sale than last year. If you are at home day in and day out, some improvements to your home office can improve your productivity and increase morale. Here are five great ways to improve your home office setup.

1. Lean in an ergonomic setup

Many office spaces are designed for employee comfort, but our home offices may be a little less thought out and can potentially add to discomfort and stress during the work day. There are a few improvements that you can make to your office equipment. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair and desk. An ergonomic chair gives you the support you need to avoid neck and back pain. Ergonomic desks can move up and down frequently, allowing you to sit or stand throughout the day. In addition, certain keyboards, laptop straps, and an external mouse can add extra comfort to your current office workspace. Just add a few of them ergonomic improvements Going to your home office can make you feel uncomfortable and easier to stay at your desk and focus on the task at hand.

2. Upgrade to new technology

Tired of trying to get the job done on a tiny laptop screen? Are you struggling to hear your coworkers making video calls through old computer speakers? In that case, a new technology could be just what you need. Investing in good quality speakers, extra monitors, or even a smart home system to make sure you always know what’s going on can be a huge benefit that will make it easier for you to get your job done while avoiding some common headaches .

Not all companies offer reimbursements for technology upgrades, but some do, so it never hurts to ask. With the latest technology, you can potentially increase your productivity and enjoy your home office setup more than ever.

3. Improve your lighting

The wrong lighting can be uncomfortable and uncomfortable, especially if you spend most of the day in your office. Without sufficient brightness and warmth from the lightbulb, you are more likely to strain your eyes or even get a headache staring at your screens. If you have poor lighting in your home office, consider improving access to natural light by removing blinds or relocating your desk. Add a desk lamp or floor lamp to your office for a warm, happy feeling, or put better light bulbs in your ceiling lights for comfort and visibility.

Many studies have shown that lights in higher color temperatures (over 3500K) direct Effects on our learning and productivity and improve our ability to absorb information and focus on tasks. The higher the color temperature, the higher the focus. For this reason, it is recommended to buy LED lights with color temperatures around 5000 K to increase focus and save electricity costs. Bringing warm, bright light into your office space is especially beneficial if you live in an area where the skies are mostly cloudy Seattle, WA.

Home office setup

4. Add custom cabinets and organization areas

Many careers and positions require extensive records of what is okay in an office with shelves and closets. But now that you are working from home, you are most likely dealing with a smaller space. You can improve organization and efficiency with cabinets tailored to your work. Consider adding some custom cabinets to your office. This is a great way to keep your office looking great while also giving you plenty of room to store your work so it doesn’t get too high piles around your desk.

If you don’t have space for custom installations, even a small filing cabinet, wall shelves, or a desk with more drawers can make it a little easier to organize.

5. Bring the decor

A hazy work area may seem functional, but it’s probably not a place you want to spend a lot of time. Enhance your decor can be an aesthetic enhancement that can inspire you to work in your home office setup instead of dreading it. A workspace that looks good feels good, and that may be all you need to keep you motivated during the day. Here are some easy upgrades you can make to your home office to add a little more energy and color to your space.

  • Add a colorful rug: Carpets can be fashionable, but they can also make your space homier. This is especially true if your home office is in a basement or a less cozy room. A rug can also be gentle on your feet and provide insulation to help regulate the room temperature, not to mention adding the much-needed color and texture to your space.
  • Put on some curtains or blinds: If your work area has plenty of natural light, curtains and blinds can be a great way to keep the sun rising or setting at bay. Nowadays there are many options for curtains and blinds that you can use to change your windows. And with the wide range of color options, materials and designs, you have the freedom to choose any that suit your style and interior. Whether that means adding some sage green curtains to your windows or automatic modern blinds that open or close with the push of a button, the possibilities are endless. Nice curtains or blinds can improve the feeling of space, which can certainly help to add value to a dreary room.
  • Include artwork and lots of it: Office workers across the country have pictures on their desks. So why not hang art in your home office? You might not necessarily need pictures of your family as you might be able to hear them right in the hallway, but you might not need your favorite art prints, framed photos from one of your favorite trips, or other fun and entertaining pieces that can brighten up your home office setup. There are so many art options, just find something that speaks to you and helps you stay energetic and motivated.
  • Invest in houseplants: Plants can complement any decor and add personality to your home office space. Aside from plants that can freshen up any room, they also have other benefits. Indoor plants are great for a comfortable and quiet work environment. Learn about your favorite species – like the amount of care and sun the different types of plants need – and choose the houseplants that are best for you and your home office.

Working from home is no longer a temporary situation for many Americans, so there is no longer any reason to settle for a cramped desk, an uncomfortable chair, and an otherwise unmotivating work area. Improving your home office setup can make working from home easier and more enjoyable, regardless of the future.


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