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Have a nice weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? We go sledding with the boys on Sunday. I’m not that into winter sports, so good luck keeping warm! Hope you have a good one and here are some fun links from around the internet …

Pretty wedding look.

Incredible acapella versions of popular jingles. (Really cool.)

I saw Sound of Metal this week and it was great, especially the last scene.

Smitten Kitchen always gets it right.

How beautiful are the northern lights?

A spaghetti Bolognese taste test.

Living alone during the pandemic. “The most physical contact I had was with a cashier who gave me change,” said Marc Fein, 35, a Jerusalem educator and mental health attorney. “I don’t think I realized how much I needed it.” Mr. Fein said he tried “pressing my hand against the wall for a tactile feel” or sleeping with another pillow to simulate the hug. “(New York Times)

Wow, this amazing art!

Dan Levy is at SNL this weekend.

Good news: Winc, the fantastic wine subscription service, is offering 4 bottles of wine for $ 30 (50% off + free shipping). Go here to try them.

Plus three reader comments:

Says Kara about your love language:
“It reminds me of love languages ​​that are expressed in tacos (I don’t know who came up with it!):
Words of affirmation: your tacos are delicious.
Acts of Service: I made you tacos.
Received presents: Here’s a taco.
Quality time: let’s go eat tacos together.
Physical touch: let me hold you like a taco. “

Says Lauren of your love language, “Service is a big problem in my marriage, but words of affection and physical touch are great dialects for both me and my husband * special and only for the cat *. Neither of us are particularly shmoopy or snuggly in other contexts; it is obscene with the cat. It is like a prism that collects and refracts the rays that we do not send directly to each other. “

Says Amy of your love language: Mine is quality time and service actions! I’m Chinese and when I was 11 my brother and I moved in with my grandma. She never really said I love you growing up. Instead, she showed it off by cooking our favorite food on Fridays and weekends, and didn’t let us do a lot of chores so we could focus on work at school. My grandma was also on duty. Whenever we went shopping, we always made sure she wasn’t carrying bags. As she got older, we held one of her arms while our other arm carried the bags of groceries. We also washed the dishes and cleared the table after dinner. Not because it was a chore, but to thank my grandma for cooking dinner. As we got older, she softened and eventually became more loving. She told people how proud she was of my brother and me as adults 🙂 “

(Photo by Alison Piepmeyer / Instagram.)


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