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Luxury high-rise convenience trends are taking 2021 by storm

New developments have never been so exciting. Life from above (a luxury condominium) will be very different in the post-COVID world. Here are the supreme amenities that will make high-rise living irresistible in 2021.

Gone are the days when a community gym and pool were enough to attract discerning condo buyers – and even renters – to luxury high-rise buildings. New trends in redevelopment are less about random functions that are bundled together and more about creating fully immersive communities that represent a lifestyle in its entirety – travel, work, play, and health and wellness.

Savvy developers attract buyers and wealthy renters by showing them that they understand their lives and make life easier for every amenity. The following is new in the redevelopment.

1. Health and Wellness

A “state-of-the-art gym” simply no longer performs in the battle for vertical luxury buyers. Fitness enthusiasts will be delighted with the range of select new developments, including branded gym memberships.

The Avery in San Francisco, California has an Equinox-curated gym. Antonio Citterio’s Arte in Miami, Florida offers private rooftop tennis lessons with a pro, while boxing lessons are offered at the Quay Tower in Brooklyn, New York courtesy of Gleasons Boxing Hall, where Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather trained.

Health and wellness are in the foreground in today’s luxury new developments. In the Villa Valencia – a boutique condominium in Coral Gables – the developer opted for the Darwin system.

Darwin is a wellness ecosystem tailored to residents and their lifestyles that improves energy and sleep while reducing indoor contaminants that can negatively impact respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, and cognitive health .

2. Concierge service

The health and wellness concierge service is the concierge convenience. This suggests a win-win paradigm for buyers and developers. The developer cuts the cost of building amenities while providing residents with valuable health and wellness services around the clock.

At the Ritz Carlton Residences in Miami, shoppers were granted annual membership to graduate the Agatston Center for Private Medicine, which offers benefits such as same-day visits, home visits, and, for international buyers, access to medical care in the United States while staying in the states.

At Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences, a new development in Palm Beach, Florida, personalized wellness is taken to a whole new level. The residents receive a personal wellness assistant around the clock via an app that enables communication via calls, FaceTime and SMS.

The residents also receive a “Restful Ritual Butler” who supports them in sleeping and relaxing through yoga sessions, a bath with their preferred infusion oils or a massage – depending on the resident’s wellness profile.

There is a trend in concierge technology services, mainly through apps designed to make everyday life easier, such as: Parcel delivery management and services like TransitScreen that provide real-time updates for nearby bus, subway, bike share and scooter options (if applicable) when setting up lobbies.

3. Travel and Transport

Traveling in big cities is problematic all over the world. Well, the big developers come to the rescue, making parking and travel easier, and in some cases completely eliminating the need to own a car.

In One Bennett Park in Chicago, Illinois, the developer designed a private entrance to the courtyard to enable pick-up and delivery services on a busy street. Other developers have worked with luxury auto companies to eliminate the need for a car, such as The Kita in Tokyo, Japan, where a Rolls-Royce is available to residents.

In the new Oakridge mega-project (currently under construction) in Vancouver, British Columbia, a fleet of over 50 brand new BMWs will be gassed, insured and ready for use by residents.

In keeping with the glare of Dubai and Miami, developers are offering their residents a water and air travel solution. Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, the One Thousand Museum features a rooftop helipad to avoid the traffic in downtown Miami.

One Palm Dubai – a luxury waterfront penthouse project managed by the Dorchester – offers residents the option of parking their yacht at a designated berth. I mean, why deal with roads when you can sail or fly?

New developments have never been so exciting. Living from above (a luxury condominium) will be very different in the post-COVID world, and I am confident that high-rise life will skyrocket again. I mean, with such amenities, it will be irresistible.

Tamara Bakir is a global real estate advisor at Vista Sotheby’s International Realty based in Los Angeles, Dubai and Miami. Connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.


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