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Why regular vacation time for employees also benefits employers

Can you remember the last time you or your employees took time off? If the answer is no, this is your call to take a break for yourself and your employees. You will be surprised how beneficial the time away from work is to the performance of your team in the workplace. Vacations will help everyone feel relaxed, refreshed, and re-focused. Why shouldn’t you make vacation a priority?

In this article, we describe the benefits you as an employer receive from your employees.

1. Employee retention.

To be successful as a company, you need talented people. However, making sure they stay around can be a daunting task. As everyone knows, fluctuation is very expensive. You want to make sure that your employees stay with your company for a long time. But of course that is easier said than done. Can you say your employees cut their asses off for you? Then they definitely deserve a break. By giving your employees opportunities to go on vacation more often, they will likely think twice before leaving your company.

2. Employees are less prone to burnout.

Every person (employee) is different. While one employee feels that the workload is too high, the other could easily take on more tasks. Either way, they work hard for you. Working consistently long hours and not taking a break can be detrimental to employee health and family life. To keep your employees energized and in a proper state of mind, consider adding more vacation time. Because more than 70% of employees who take regular vacations feel better equipped and ready to deal with the stress associated with their work. When you send your employees on a great vacation, they’ll feel refreshed and come back to the office with their minds clear.

3. A happier workforce.

A happy employee makes a happy employer, doesn’t it? Did you know that satisfied employees are 12% more productive than less satisfied employees? And that happy employees have 65% more energy than unhappy employees? That is why a happy workforce is important for your company to achieve great potential. Then the question is, how do you get happier employees? One of the answers is more vacation days. This is because it relieves stress, improves overall concentration during work, and helps bond loved ones outside of work.

4. Stronger corporate culture.

One of the values ​​of a good corporate culture is celebration. It’s okay to take time to work with coworkers, maybe to celebrate a new customer. Even company leave can be beneficial for your company as it connects employees in a different way. Rent a van for 9 people (Dutch: Rent a 9-seater bus) go to the airport. Of course, you can also rent a car without a credit card (Dutch: rent a car without a credit card).

With these four reasons, we would like to remind you to give yourself and your employees a break from time to time!


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