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Would you take a coffee nap?

Recently something very dramatic happened in our apartment in the morning …

I woke up at 5 a.m.

FIVE AM It’s still dark. The birds don’t even chirp.

My mind doesn’t spin; I am still tired; but my body is awake. I don’t know what is causing it (magnesium deficiency? General anxiety? Perimenopause?) But whatever the reason, for the past month my eyes have opened before dawn and I feel exhausted all day.

Fortunately, this morning at our café next door, the barista suggested a great solution: coffee naps. Have you ever heard of them “I discovered her in college,” she told me. “You chug a cup of coffee and lie down immediately. Set your alarm clock for 20 minutes. You wake up refreshed. “

Apparently science supports this. Studies have shown that caffeine plus a short nap improves performance, as opposed to just caffeine or just sleep.

After finishing my cold brew, I lay down for 20 minutes this morning – and felt a lot better when I woke up. Who knows? Maybe this 5 o’clock thing isn’t going to be that bad after all.

Thoughts? Would you take a coffee nap? Have you ever? When do you wake up in the morning

PS A bedtime trick that changed our lives and surprised me the most about my marriage.

(Photo by Reidar Pritzel.)


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