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10 Marketing Tactics To Ensure Your Brand Is Getting A Reverberation In 2021

Marketing your brand in today’s world is constantly evolving and more dynamic than ever. Here are some strategies and tactics to consider as you progress through 2021.

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In 2021, the way people live and work changed dramatically. The changes we all had to make as a result of the pandemic have had an impact on the way we market our customers and audiences.

In a saturated market, where consumer behavior is evolving daily and life is lived online more than ever, we have had to focus on the marketing tactics we use to effectively reach our consumers. Collective social awareness has also led marketers to adapt their strategies to reflect the global zeitgeist.

With so many twists and turns in 2020, the marketing landscape has moved on – possibly forever. Here are 10 marketing tactics to consider as you venture into 2021.

Don’t avoid hot button problems

Avoiding hot button problems may have been the marketing mentality for years, but by 2021 that concept will no longer exist. Consumers look for brands that are socially conscious and take a stand, be it through innovative marketing campaigns or through their brand philosophy. Staying away from hot topics and topics is no longer an option.

Remains virtual

During the pandemic there has been a tremendous surge and confidence in virtual events as marketers. While audiences may experience digital fatigue, I suspect that even after the pandemic resumes and personal events resume, there will be a place for virtual events and experiences.

Intimate, timely online gatherings will continue to be popular as audiences had unprecedented access to experts and virtual communities during the pandemic.

Get involved before, during, and after

Community building and engagement will be a priority in 2021, with an emphasis not only on audience engagement before and during an event, but also after it.

It’s important for marketers to maintain meaningful connections between organizations and audiences, while at the same time finding better ways to connect with them after an event is over. This can be done through omnichannel messaging or other thoughtful touchpoints.

The customer first

Customer service and consumer-oriented marketing will be in the foreground in 2021. Putting the consumer at the center of your marketing strategy moves your brand forward and separates you from the competition.

At The Agency, we pride ourselves on providing white gloved service throughout the buying and selling process and we will continue to strive for a seamless and unmatched customer service experience for our customers.

Immersive technology

Leveraging immersive technologies like artificial intelligence to reach and market buyers was invaluable in 2020 and will continue to do so through 2021.

AI and predictive analytics have increasingly replaced A / B tests to develop and guide creative marketing decisions. They’re cheaper, more efficient at predicting trends, and provide clear guidance on what will be most effective for the audience.

AI has been incredibly important and successful for us at The Agency as we continue to rely on the cutting edge technology we offer our agents and customers.

Conversations will drive content marketing forward

Real human conversation and interaction will drive content marketing in 2021. Today’s audience is looking for authentic experiences with brands and wants to feel included in the decision-making process. Open communication with the target groups and these discussions determine the marketing content.

Social marketing works

Trust in social media marketing will continue to develop in 2021. It has been shown that using platforms like Facebook and Instagram still resonates with consumers and is one of the most effective ways to reach audiences. It is also beneficial to reach consumers through collaboration with influencers and targeted podcasts.

Strategic partnership

Partnering with like-minded brands and organizations that appeal to your target audience will continue to be an effective marketing tactic this year. These type of joint ventures are a great way to increase your brand exposure and build trust.

At The Agency we enjoy working with organizations and services that reflect the philosophy of our brand, such as: B. our partnership with GiveBack Homes, Knock Home Swap and the Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission.

Video content

Creating high quality video content for your business is vital in marketing it to your target audience. Video enables stronger customer loyalty and creates trust. Hosting video content on a platform like YouTube can help your business achieve better search engine optimization and promote, educate, and entertain your audience at the same time.

At The Agency, we rely heavily on videos to fully illustrate the lifestyle of many of our spectacular offerings and developments.

Personalized and interactive content

Customers are looking for brands they can trust to meet their personal needs and make their lives easier. Stagnant or generic content is no longer enough. Interactive content is more engaging and needed by consumers for real engagement.

At The Agency, we rely on deep data insights and machine learning to deliver true personalized value to our customers. We also use fun and engaging content like quizzes and surveys on social media, augmented reality tools like virtual staging, embedded calculators and 360 degree video tours for real estate.

In summary, in today’s world the marketing of your brand has continuously evolved and become more dynamic than ever. Leveraging technology and social media to grow your business and brand has proven invaluable as the state of the world continues to change. I look forward to seeing how 2021 develops and what new opportunities arise to promote and market brands.

Rainy Hake Austin is the agency’s president in Los Angeles, California. Connect with her on Instagram.


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