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The 3 pillars of customer satisfaction and why it matters

They do everything they can to ensure the success of your business: you took the right steps to hire the right people, make the most informed business decisions to stay one step ahead of the game, and used the latest technology to help you do it help way.

But how much energy have you devoted to customer satisfaction? Without customers, not much stands in the way of success. So if you have unhappy customers, don’t expect your business to last very long. But with the three pillars of customer service by your side, you will reap all the rewards.

1. Define and assign the customer journey.

You need to understand your customers’ future and how they are investing their money first. You should look for the best times to interact with them during the buying process. Too early and your actions could be mistaken for annoyance. too late and they will feel like you are ignoring them. Activities and scripts should be created at different stages to make it clear to the customer that you exist to meet their needs, especially when it comes to accepting payments in India and to help them with problems along the way.

2. Manage your client’s success.

The best way to control your customer’s success is to anticipate their needs before the novelty wears off for the purchase. Perhaps the first time you buy, consider sending a thank you package with your purchase that lists customer support phone numbers, important purchase information, and links to videos to help them better understand the purchase. A link to an online customer forum is also helpful as it gives them the opportunity to post their questions and see answers to questions from other customers.

Also, make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave feedback. Take the good with the bad; Criticism should be seen as a way to improve your company and its practices, not a personal attack.

3. Create a thriving customer culture.

Good customer service is an essential part of growing a business. This can be easily achieved if you inspire the customer service culture within the company, as then everyone is on the same page every time they interact with customers, which is what is expected of them. This includes your employees who work in everything from sales to answering machines. Make everyone aware of the company’s goals and encourage them to provide feedback and criticism on other employees when something seems out of place.

It can be important to get everything ready to run your business. However, unless you examine the external aspect of the business – the customers who buy your product / service – with the same amount of care, your business won’t run very long in the field.


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