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12 Videos Every Agent Should Make

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Video is the preferred content for the platforms you operate on and the people you want to attract. Hence, your ability to generate this type of content has never been so critical.

These 12 video ideas will help you add value to your audience and answer the questions potential customers have before they even ask them.

12 Videos Every Agent Should Make

1. What people love and hate about life in (your region)

Share with your audience all of the things that residents love about life near you and the things that they don’t. Whether you’re talking about a city, neighborhood, or subdivision, people are curious about what it is like to live there and these videos will draw them in.

Like it or not, negativity often draws attention. When you share that you don’t love living near you in the summer because July and August are incredibly humid, you are a little more reliable to the people trying to learn more.

2. Rent or buy in (your region)

Use this video to highlight the area you are serving and include the name of the area in the title of your video. Then, Really Break down the specific options for your audience.

Show them the number of rentals versus buying. State how much the average home would sell and give a rough idea of ​​the mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance. Then divide the monthly cost of the lease payment against the mortgage payment. Highlight the potential for capital appreciation, the tax benefits of ownership, and evidence that their payments will actually be made lower than when you rent will usually reveal the value in the purchase.

3. Virtual open house

Facebook has given us an incredible reach for virtual open days, even if we live in an area where face-to-face events are possible. Although our personal open house might attract 10-12 people, a Facebook video gives you the opportunity to reach an audience of hundreds of people.

It shows your sellers that you are using unique methods to reach buyers and helps you attract a larger audience.

And if you live in an area that has not yet fully reopened, virtual open houses allow you to engage with an audience until things are safely fully reopened.

4. My favorite places in (your area)

People considering moving to an area want to see a highlight roll with the best of things around them. You should therefore highlight a large number of offers in your area. Include places to take the kids, places to take your spouse, and any things you enjoy doing.

Record videos in the local park, restaurant, farmers market, or on a bike path that you love to ride.

By providing these insights, potential buyers can imagine how they are enjoying the area. It also shows potential sellers that you are actively marketing the area to attract more potential buyers to their home in case they list on yours.

5. Coming soon

Once you’ve created a listing, shoot a video – even if it’s playing on your phone – and tell your audience how excited you are to get this house on the market in a few days. Provide just a few details, such as: B. the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and invite interested parties to a private message for more information.

These videos show a willingness to do something else on behalf of the sellers and you may even have the opportunity to double up on some of your offers.

6. Neighborhood highlights

Create a video of the area you farm or a neighborhood you love highlighting amenities like a pool, neighborhood gym, dog park, or anything else your audience cares about. You can record this on your phone or have someone record it for you.

If you want to pull in more traffic, you can spend a little cash to buy a domain to refer to at the end of your video. For example, if you highlight the Live Oaks subdivision, you are directing your audience to a website you created called LiveOaksSubdivisionHomesForSale.com that shows pictures of the homes available. Then point them to your website with an evergreen IDX feed of homes currently for sale in that neighborhood.

We use BoomTown This is because visitors can see pictures of the homes for sale and have built-in lead capture that prompts them to log in to see more photos. This is a great way to add value to your farm and build your reputation as an expert in this neighborhood.

Posting these videos on YouTube with correct titles, tags, descriptions and professional thumbnails has been very effective for us over the past few months.

If you’re not sure how to properly title and tag your videos on YouTube to get the most organic traffic, try the Keywords Everywhere and TubeBuddy tools.

7. Cost of living in (your region)

People want to understand what it costs to live in the area they are considering. So start by figuring out the markets that are bringing people to your area. If you do a simple Google search of demographic information for (insert feeder city) and your region, you can create personalized comparisons.

In your video, compare the price of a house that the audience currently lives in with a house near you. The people looking for this type of information are likely about to make a purchase decision so you can help them gather the information they need and possibly connect with them before other agents in your marketplace.

8. About me

Customers want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. So tell your story. Tell them about your family and your background in the industry. Explain why you love the industry, what activities you enjoy, and what helps people better understand who you are.

About me videos give you a chance to connect with customers before you actually meet them in person.

9. Certificates

These videos are vital as they are effective in telling people that it is safe to do business. Start the process by contacting your previous customers and asking them to share their experience with you. Ask what they liked about working with you.

You can even record these with your phone when they close while your customers are happiest. Then share these videos and start building a relationship with your future customers.

10. New offers

Every time you make a new list, create a sample video as evidence of the business you are in. Not only does this add value to the seller, it also increases the likelihood that you will find the buyer who will be a good fit for your property.

Customers are drawn to people who do business and generate activity.

11. Territorial demographics

To help people find their way around your area, collect statistics on crime, school performance, available churches, and other information that will help them decide if your area is right for them. They want to know whether their family is safe, whether the schools are good and what activities are on offer.

Give them the information before they even ask and they’ll be more likely to call you when they’re ready to find a home.

12. Interview local business owners

Greet your favorite local businesses by interviewing the owners and giving them a chance to promote their businesses. These shoutouts can include restaurants, artisan services, service providers, or other businesses in your area. When you post this on social media, tag the company to survey your audience on social media with their audience.

This win-win proposition drives business and attracts potential customers to your network.

When sharing information about local businesses and service providers, consider people as a resource for all things, especially real estate.

Additional tools for these 12 videos

Here are some video creation tools that can help you rank higher in searches:

Keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere gives users a list of terms to search for each month. After creating a YouTube video, I search for the most popular terms. The purpose of this exercise is to be specific rather than finding the terms that make 2 million searches per month.

I look for phrases like “Live Oak subdivision” or “Cost of Living in (your area)” and I end up looking for phrases with 100 to 1,000 views per month. You could possibly record a video that shows 70 people after searching for the terms you used. This is always better than 1,000 viewers to whom your content is irrelevant. It gives you the opportunity to focus on the people you really want to reach.


TubeBuddy Allows users to test titles to see if there is too much competition for terms and if users are searching for those terms. It will help you understand how likely you are to be on the first page of a YouTube search. It also helps you identify the terms that are most likely to help you rank for your content. These leads are organic leads that don’t cost you anything.

These 12 video templates, along with the two tools you can use to rank on search terms, will help you reach the people you want to connect with most and help you answer questions before the audience even asks them. When you do, you are positioning your business for growth.

Did we miss something? If there are videos that you think every agent should make, please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties in Florida, northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.


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