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Notarise to open up its ROZ platform to independent notaries

Notarize announced at its Rewired for Real Estate conference that it is opening its platform to independent notaries who can use them for their RON transactions.

Notarize announced at its Rewired for Real Estate 2021 conference on Wednesday that it is opening its platform to independent notaries who can use them for their remote online notarization (RON) transactions.

Notarize is testing its program launch in May in two states: Tennessee and Washington. After the initial pilot, the company plans to roll it out quickly in other states this summer. Notarize assumes that this platform function will be available to notaries in all 31 countries approved by the ROZ by the end of 2021.

Late last year, Notarize announced that it would open its platform to notaries and allow them to manage their teams with performance reports, ongoing training and tracing for notary commissions. Opening the platform allowed independent notaries to join the platform and increase their revenues when personal notarizations were a serious health risk.

However, Notarize said the platform’s opening was just the beginning, adding that there are millions of entrepreneurial notary entrepreneurs across the country looking for a partner to help them move their business online and take their brand to new heights .

With the new opening, notaries can serve their customer base via the Notarize platform, bring their own business to the Notarize platform and convert their business and their relationships to a digital platform.

“The 4.4 million notaries in the US are among the most entrepreneurial, motivated and hardworking professionals in the US. Accordingly, notaries are constantly looking for ways to grow their business, market themselves, increase their income and build I prefer preferred partnerships, ”Notarize said in its press release. “The online marketplace is rapidly growing to make this possible and now Notarize will give them access to their own dedicated business account where they can manage and execute their own RON transactions in accordance with their state laws.”

Notarially registered a growth spurt in 2020 with an annual growth of around 600 percent. Last month, Notarize announced a new $ 130 million Series D funding round led by Canapi Ventures, Citi Ventures, Wells Fargo, Alphabet’s independent growth fund, Capital G, and other strategic investors.

“The notary will shortly be able to manage your notary business and complete remote online notaries for your clients through the Notarize platform, which will forever rewire the way you work as a notary”, said Ashley Spiess, Senior Director of Operations and Strategy at Notarize at the event. “In this way you can change your company and its model.”

Notarized CEO Pat Kinsel

Overall, the acceptance of RON rose by 547 percent in 2020. This was the result of a survey by the American Land Title Association among the most important providers that are active in the RON sector.

“America’s leading companies continue to invest in a digital future, and we expect this will continue even when things return to normal,” said Pat Kinsel, CEO of Notarize, in his keynote address. “In 2017 people thought we were crazy when we got the first online real estate deal in the country. Today, with more than 250,000 transactions completed, we are partnering with many of the country’s leading real estate firms, title companies and mortgage lenders to go beyond digital closing and fundamentally improve the process for everyone. “

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