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20 tools you can use to create killer video content

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Your ability to create engaging video content is more important now than ever. When I started using video in my business, I was overwhelmed. I asked myself: how do I start recording videos?

What is important and what doesn’t matter when making good video? How do I edit these videos? How do I get exposure for my videos? In case you’re wondering the same thing, here are 20 video creation tools that can take your video marketing to the next level.

1. All you need is your smartphone

IPhone is an amazing tool that offers really high quality videos, and the sound gets better every time the company releases a new version. Don’t get overwhelmed by where to start. Your iPhone or the latest version of a smartphone is all you need to produce great-looking video content.

There are really four sections in creating high quality video. These include the video recording device, lighting quality, audio quality, and editing and distribution. I’ll break down entry-level tools and also include expert tools for each of these categories.


2. BombBomb is the bomb

Bombbomb lets you send personalized video emails. It also has a built-in screen recording area that keeps your face in a small part of the screen while sharing.

The screen recording feature allowed me to review contracts, record personalized videos, and provide video CMA reports where I check the numbers right on my laptop. In short, Bombbomb is one of the most effective video tools that I used to personalize quick videos and record my screen.

3. Zoom is more than just meetings

Zoom has become the new norm for many of us. But why not use Zoom to record an interview with influential local people that your clients or potential future clients would find interesting?

Instead of giving a report on the school system, interview the school principal or a local school principal. Instead of talking about the low crime rate in your area, interview the local sheriff. Instead of talking about the local property boom, interview the head of the local construction department. Don’t just settle for meetings with Zoom. It can also be an effective interview tool.

4. The Sony A7III camera is everything you could ever need

The Sony A7III is the camera that we use to create crisp video quality and enhance our videos with professional backgrounds such as blurred backgrounds. The cameras with lens cost around $ 2,500, but if you’re ready to take the next level, this is a great investment.


5. A clip-on microphone for iPhones improves quality at a low cost

A simple lapel microphone with a 10-foot cable that plugs directly into your iPhone improves audio quality when recording videos. These mics cost about $ 20 and are available on Amazon.

6. The Saramonic Blink 500 wireless clip-on microphone offers excellent flexibility

The Saramonic Blink 500 is supplied in a wireless lapel microphone with two microphones. This microphone gives you the ability to take photos with great audio quality while moving in or out of a distance.

It also offers flexibility for great audio quality when interviewing someone or having two people in front of the camera at the same time. The Saramonic Blink 500 setup costs around $ 200 depending on when and where you buy it.

7. The Sennheiser MKE 600 boom microphone offers studio quality audio

This boom microphone offers tremendous quality when we are in controlled environments. The setup includes a tripod with a boom that holds the microphone. The entire setup costs around $ 500.

There is a noticeable difference in audio quality when using the boom microphone. So if you are looking for the highest quality audio this is the way to go.


8. Natural light is always the best light

The lighting really boils down to natural light in the room facing you, not behind you. Always stand in front of a window to avoid shadows. We use natural light in as many videos as possible.

9. Clip-on selfie ring lights aren’t just for teenagers

Clip-on selfie ring lights attach to your phone or laptop with a hole that has the camera lens in the center of the small ring. They have multiple settings and are great for controlling the light when you are in a room with strong overhead lights or a dark room.

It’s also a handy tool for making Zoom calls on your laptop. They are easy to find on Amazon and typically cost less than $ 20.

10. Softbox lights are a great next step

The next step in lighting was buying two softbox lights like those you see in many photo studios. They offer the ability to balance the lighting and cost around $ 80 on Amazon. If you’re looking for a great mid-range lighting solution, this could be your answer.

11. The tripod’s large selfie ring light offers exceptional options

These large ring lights are about 6 feet tall and the camera or phone is in the center of the ring providing light right in front of you. These lights have multiple settings and offer exceptional options no matter where you are shooting. It typically costs around $ 80 and is the number one choice right now.


12. Look like a pro with Fiverr.com

Fivver.com is a website where you can find high quality intro and outro bumpers for your videos. For $ 5, you can use branded bumpers that will add a high-end feel to your videos at a very low cost.

Fivver.com is also a great place to find inexpensive editors if you don’t want to edit your own videos. It’s hard to beat the low cost and high impact Fivver.com offers for improving your video quality.

13. Videolicious is exactly what the iPhone editor ordered

Videolicious is an app for your iPhone that simplifies video editing. I use this tool for video walkthroughs of homes and showing neighborhood amenities to out of town shoppers.

The app easily mixes multiple videos together, has background music options, the ability to add text, and many more features. I also like the ease of use.

14. Epidemic Sound has the best background tracks

One of the biggest improvements to video can be background music. We use Epidemic Sound to find royalty-free music to use as background music or as intro and outro tracks.

There are some pricing options, but we pay $ 15 a month for our usage level. The availability of Epidemic Sound is great and our go-to place if we want to take a video to the next level.

15. Camtasia makes editing easy

When I started editing my own videos, I used Camtasia on my PC and found it extremely easy to learn and use. This editing tool was worth the $ 249 I paid for it when I first started it up.

I still use my Camtasia editing software when I need a quick edit instead of waiting for our videographer to do an edit for me.

16. Apple iMovie is an amazing free editing tool for Apple users

Apple iMovie has amazing editing options and is free for Apple products. If you’re looking for a great editing solution with a lot of flexibility, iMovie is a great option.

17. Adobe Premier Pro is our contact for processing in the highest quality

Adobe Premiere Pro is simply the best editing software our team could find. The possibilities are endless and the integration with other software surpasses anything we have used before.

Adobe Premiere Pro costs around $ 250 a year – but it’s well worth the cost if you want the best kind of editing software.


18. Keywords Everywhere eliminates the guesswork

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on that lets you see how many people are searching for a particular topic on YouTube each month. This is a great way to see if there is any interest in your video before recording.

It also tells you which cost-per-click (CPC) advertisers are paying for this search term. This is a great way to identify potentially profitable topics that should also be covered in your videos. For $ 10, I get great search capabilities that have kept me busy for months. Identifying the video topics your customers want to see is a great investment.

19. TubeBuddy offers optimized titles and tags on YouTube

TubeBuddy is a browser extension for YouTube that offers advanced keyword research. I use TubeBuddy to figure out the ideal title and tags for YouTube. TubeBuddy analyzes and rates your titles based on search volume and competition. This rating system is a great way to determine how your video is performing before you even record it.

When you add tags to your YouTube video, TubeBuddy ranks among the best and most effective tags for your video. TubeBuddy has a free option, but I’ve upgraded to the roughly $ 15 per month option based on the tremendous results I’ve seen since using this great tool.

20. Publish your videos anywhere

The best videos in the world need exposure to be effective. Make sure to post your videos everywhere you can. Use YouTube and all of your social media.

You are only one viral video away from seeing your business explode. Take action to create the video and the results will follow.

Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties in Florida, northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.


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