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Why should professionals publish a book from home?

Remote professionals, online service providers, and gig workers face tough economic conditions. In addition to creating social profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter, work-from-home (WFH) professionals selling a service should consider becoming a published author.

Being a book author is good for business. Especially for people promoting a service on the internet such as accountants, financial advisors, real estate agents, consultants, designers, and other creatives.

Here are some reasons authorship can boost your online business.

Why should professionals publish a book from home? Stephanie Burns

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It’s easier than ever

Being a writer is one way to make your professional life great. It makes you credible, builds expertise, and makes it easier to get advisory appearances, speak invitations, and guest on TV and radio shows.

If you’ve already written dozens of blogs and guest posts, and / or hosted a podcast about your subject or industry, writing a book is a lot easier. You can compile the content, add insights, fill in some gaps, and send the text to an editor. Depending on your process, most of your work is complete.

Experts say the chance of getting published is 1-2%. However, the traditional publishing model is being turned on its head by independent houses targeting mainstream professionals.

Rise of Independent Publishing

According to the government, there were 45,000 writers and authors in the United States in 2018. However, the landscape is rapidly evolving to allow the mainstream mass to be published independently.

The number of self-published books has exploded in recent years thanks to service providers helping professionals become first-time authors. As a result, more than four million books were published and self-published in 2019, according to ProQuest.

Scott Turman, co-founder of BrightRay Publishing, says independent houses have a process that extrapolates insights locked in someone’s head and turns that into a published book.

The Florida-based company has a team of writers and editors who work with first-time authors. “I would say that getting credibility and branding is the number one reason professionals publish a book.”

Make prospects receptive to your message

Traditional sales approaches are limited as consumers have become cynical and deaf to overt advertising. If you want potential customers to listen, the first thing you need to do is get them to read what you write. When they open your book, they are already partially sold.

Professionals are cautious about exploring new avenues of business development, especially on social platforms. A book warms up potential clients and employers who can offer you lucrative opportunities after an inquiry about your written work or related introduction. Your reputation as a published expert preceded you.

Furthermore, in the age of social networks, professionals don’t just sell a service. They also need to improve their brand image, reputation, and authority in their respective subject areas. Hence, it is important to be as convincing and believable as possible, especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

If you’re passionate about your craft, you have plenty to write about that an audience with similar interests would want to read. You have a unique point of view. So share it with the world.


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