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Versatile online marketing solution HighNote combines everything

Just like Slack centralizes and categorizes office communications, HighNote can do the same for your pitching, agent or team profiles, local market leaders and all other forms of digital content.

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HighNote is online marketing presentation software for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser, mobile addressable
Ideal for: All tech-forward agents, teams, and brokers

Top selling points::

  • All marketing materials in one place.
  • Highly flexible / versatile use cases.
  • Smooth presentations.
  • Developed / managed by a former top producer.
  • Included user metrics.

Main concern::

There isn’t much to do other than neglect to maintain content or rely solely on their skills to do business.

What you should know

HighNote provides agents with a branded web hub for collateral marketing and customer communications. Access is via a URL in a standard desktop or mobile environment.

The concept is simple and not excessive. It’s also very flexible about the types of content it can host and the business purpose it serves.

In the same way that Slack centralizes and categorizes office communications, HighNote can do the same for your site pitching, agent, or team profiles, local market leaders, property histories, broker breakdowns, formal listing presentations, and proposal presentations. Basically regardless of the type of content you want to highlight and share. It should also be effective in recruiting and retention.

Collateral, links, and documents are displayed as a series of vertically scrolling cards under a banner image, preferably with contact information and catchy images. Each card has an indicator that shows its media type, whether it’s a link, video, PDF, or image file.

While HighNote’s tools support the content, it is not the direct build tool, it is the host.

In contrast to Google Docs or Dropbox, in which important business data is also stored and shared, with HighNote, however, the clinical character and, above all, access to the storage and sharing platforms of companies is omitted. (How many times have you had to give access to another party’s or customer’s alternate email address?)

HighNote pages can also be tied to the culture and approach of your team or broker, avoiding third-party logos and native pitches.

HighNote eliminates the need to send offers or slide decks by email and offers customers and colleagues a single, secure place where relevant business intelligence can call home.

A user metrics dashboard is built into the admin experience so you can keep track of how often a HighNote page is accessed. Users can see which components, when and what they are most interested in.

Some of the clever uses of HighNote would be to consolidate and present virtual tours. When using it as a listing presentation vehicle, you must share a digitally activated listing agreement.

HighNote was developed by Mark Choey of San Francisco, who is an Inman employee and co-founder of Climb Real Estate. Of course, Choey felt the pain of presenting a professional image while letting multiple technological tools work together to achieve it.

YouTube links and Matterport videos can also be embedded in HighNote pages.

Creating a HighNote page shouldn’t bother a remote web-savvy real estate professional. The user experience takes advantage of drag and drop content placement, simple text editing, and photography for hero images.

One particularly cool HighNote integration (I expect more) is CloudCMA, which is now part of Lone Wolf Technologies. Choey said white lettering is on the roadmap, as is in-app communication between team members.

And since all of your marketing information is on a single webpage, you don’t have to open 10 tabs or multiple apps when you want to meet a lead or customer via Zoom. Open your HighNote, share your screen and win a business.

With that in mind, you should know that HighNote itself might not be the only reason you get a new listing or seven figure buyer. Be aware of the testimonials that may suggest this.

The product may be unique to you among the three or four agents a person interviews, but you still need to fill it with compelling reasons as to why you are the best agent in the group.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of this product. Choey brings instant credibility and its use cases in the industry are innumerable. I compare it to Studeo and Prezi, digital marketing tools that, when used correctly, improve your message – not overwhelm.

Do you have a technology product you’d like to discuss? Email to Craig Rowe

Craig C. Rowe started commercial real estate at the start of the dotcom boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now assists agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and technology for Inman.


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