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Offerpad: Sellers can stay in their homes for up to 60 days after they close

To reduce the stress of sales, Offerpad now offers sellers the option of staying in a house for up to 60 days after signing the trust agreement.

IBuyer Offerpad announced a new service for sellers on Wednesday that will now allow them to stay in their homes for up to 60 days after signing the trust agreement.

The company said that Offerpad’s 60-day extended stay in today’s highly competitive marketplace allows sellers more flexibility in moving into their new homes and reduces the pressure some sellers feel to act quickly once the deal is closed. To qualify, sellers must complete a Post Ownership Addendum.

Offerpad had previously introduced a 3-day extended stay policy for sellers that continues to apply to sellers who do not opt ​​for the 60-day extended stay option.

Brian Bair | Photo credit: Offerpad

“Customers come to Offerpad because they don’t want the typical home buying and selling experience,” said the Offerpad CEO Brian Bair said in a statement. “They want security, control and freedom, and that is exactly what we offer with our new 60-day service for long-term stays. It is the right solution at the right time so that our customers can sell quickly and move freely without the fear and stress of having to find a new home at the same time in today’s highly competitive market conditions. “

Homeowners working with the iBuyer can request a free 24-hour cash quote through the company’s website, work with Offerpad to list their property with a replacement cash quote, or search for homes through the company’s search portal. Other Offerpad services also include show-ready home services, home improvement advances, free on-site relocations, and extended stay options.

Offerpad currently operates in 1,000 cities across the states of Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. In mid-March, the company announced its expansion into Denver and Nashville.

Offerpad recently announced its intention to go public for special purposes with the help of Spencer Rascoff’s acquisition company.

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