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Are you looking for activities this season? Our spring bucket list is here

Spring is here and it feels like a big collective exhale for many of us. The relief of sunshine, the touch of flowers in bloom, the excitement of ditching our layers for airier clothing, and the appeal of a fresh batch of colorful produce are some of April’s greatest joys. While we welcome these well-known seasonal shifts with open arms each year, spring 2021 promises even bigger changes. As we hit a turning point in the pandemic and vaccination becomes a reality, many of us are finally starting to decompress after a year of holding our breath.

In short, the start of a new season has never felt so exciting.

I don’t know about you, but I am Diving Cannonballs into this new chapter, and I have many plans to soak up spring in all its glory this year. Are you looking for things to do in April? Put on your transitional sweater, grab some tulips, hang your hammock, and get ready to celebrate flowers and sunshine with this spring bucket list. Before we start, I have to share this post from Oprah – it’s my energy for spring 2021. Enjoy!

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Growing vegetables in containers is an easy way to enjoy fresh food without removing weeds or tilling the soil. All you need is a pot, good soil and sun!

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Bath time is not just a winter ritual. A 20 minute soak is usually exactly what the doctor ordered, and we’ve put all the essentials together to create the ultimate home spa experience. Ready, ready, happy.

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When livening up your home, this may be the breath of fresh air you are looking for right now. Whether you’re swapping out your pillows or redesigning a bookcase, try one of these seven free styling tips.

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Do I choose a classic favorite? Try something new? To invent something? If you’re like me, this list of what to bake when you’re bored could be your holy grail.

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Few things do more to change the overall aesthetic of a room like adding indoor plants. They add serenity, color and texture to the entire ambience. So, if you want to enhance the atmosphere of your living room, these 11 living room plant ideas are for you.

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Get a copy of Hetty McKinnon’s highly anticipated cookbook To Asia, With Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories from the Heart, which hits shelves April 6, and challenge yourself in the kitchen to do something new this month close.

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There are few things I love more than meeting friends for lunch outside in the summer – even a simple selection of cheeses and crackers feels elevated when laid on a pretty picnic blanket spread out in the grass.

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You can’t say Spring Bucket List without mentioning spring cleaning. If this feels like a personal attack, it’s safe to say that your closet needs some TLC. You may be surprised how quickly you can organize yourself and you will feel a lot lighter afterwards.

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Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Invest in some outdoor games and invite some friends over to play outside or on the beach. You will feel like a child again.

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Find your new favorite clean sunscreen or shine with one of these non-toxic facial tanners.

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Rent bikes and take a spin.

The best way to enjoy beautiful weather is by bike. Put together a crew and cycle through one of your favorite spots in town!

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Participate in a flower arrangement.

Celebrate spring with fresh blooms and learn from the pros with one of these floral design courses online.

What’s on your spring list this season? Let us know below.

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