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10 things in your closet you need to get rid of now

Few things feel more refreshing than a good spring cleaning, but that doesn’t mean a closet clean has to wait for a certain time of year. The real organization professionals renew their pantries, shelves and cupboards all year round. Tidy up your closet and feel the weight of unnecessary objects floating away. There is no better feeling than letting go of the things that no longer serve us and literally and figuratively making room for something new. It’s time to pull back on faded swimsuits and make room for the new hat you looked at.

Spending a Saturday tidying up the closet always sounds like a great idea, but it’s easy to get stumped while in there. But don’t worry, we’re here to help – and once the action starts, you’ll be in good shape. Indulge in your favorite jams, have a cup of tea (or hey, a mimosa) on the nearest flat surface, and tackle the Tower of Terror in your closet.

The shoes that don’t fit after pregnancy? It’s time to let go of the fantasy that one day your feet will shrink again. It’s tragic, we know! The mile-high pile of shabby bras that you can’t make to throw? Time to say goodbye. You can do it and it will feel so good. You will be amazed how much brain space opens up when you clean up your closet.

Get a jump start with the 10 things in your closet that you need to get rid of now, and make room for fresh new pieces to energize your wardrobe and spirit!

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Anything you haven’t worn in the last year

Check out all of the items you haven’t worn in the past twelve months. If it’s not a specialty (ski wear, evening wear, etc) chances are you’ll never wear it again. Consider throwing or donating something you haven’t worn in the last year – your closet will thank you for it.

Shoes that hurt

Oh, super cute, ill-fitting shoes, why can’t we leave you? When will we ever find out you’re always ruining a perfectly entertaining night? Dating habits aside, get rid of those blistering T-strap heels and live a happier life.

Expensive mistakes

We’ve all been through this. Keeping an unworn dress season after season simply because it’s too expensive to get rid of – it hurts. If by now you haven’t forced yourself to wear it, you just won’t. Forgive yourself. Learn. And donate this outfit to someone who will be thrilled to have a designer piece of clothing that has never been worn or to make some money on the side by listing it on eBay, Depop, Poshmark or Vestaire Collective.

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Books, electronics, magazines, etc.

Okay, so I’m not saying get rid of these things. I just suggest that you get them out of your closet. Your closet will feel more organized and serene if it is entirely dedicated to your wardrobe, and you will likely enjoy your books and magazines more if they are in a more accessible location in your home.

Seasonal items that you (almost) never wear

These are the ski goggles, tap shoes, wetsuits, costumes and other absurdities that are taking up space in your closet. You may not want to get rid of them, but they definitely don’t require everyday accessibility. Consider moving these items to an attic, basement, storage unit, or other remote location to create more space in your closet for everyday items.

Bras with curved hooks or underwires

This actually applies to all of your broken underwear. Get rid of anything technically embarrassing and arm yourself with new pieces. You deserve to feel good.

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Do you know that pretty designer dress that you borrowed for your last wedding? Your beast probably wants it back, and preferably before the end of the year. Be courteous and quick when washing and returning borrowed clothing. So you can borrow again!

Shitty hangers

One of the easiest things you can do to spruce up your closet and feel like a certified adult is to upgrade to wooden hangers. They’re actually not that expensive and can make your closet feel so luxurious. Pro tip: I find my wooden hangers also serve as a volume checkpoint. If I run out of hangers it will be time to clean and clean some things.

Things that don’t fit

I know, how it works. I’m staring at a dress I bought on the super sale last year that is three sizes too big to have changed. Spoiler alert: I never did. Short messages: It won’t happen. Give this dress the life it deserves and donate it to someone who will wear and love or sell it!

This post was originally published on September 8, 2020 and has been updated since then.


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