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We can’t get enough of these 13 color trends for 2021

After over a year of staying home mostly, it’s impossible not to notice the little details of our homes that could use a little more love. The tiny corner of your bathroom that could use a touch of putty knife, the ringing of the doorbell on your dresser, or the flaky splashes of paint on the living room wall all seem enlarged after months of staring at the same four walls. So next time you want to look into the distance and find out how to freshen up your home, consider one of these 13 color trends for 2021.

Even if you’re not on a train, there are exciting and unexpected color trends for every aesthetic. This year, people are paying close attention to their homes, and a coat of paint is the perfect way to completely change the mood and bring much-needed joy. After years of everything white, some of the most exciting color trends of 2021 include bold statement shades that add happiness to any room.

When we asked interior designers what colors are trending in 2021, we were pleasantly surprised at what they had to share. One thing is for sure, a variety of color trends are emerging, but ultimately, choosing a color based on your personal aesthetic is key. Portland, OR-based designer Max Humphrey reminds us, “The good thing about color is that when you get tired of it in a few years, you can just paint over it. That’s why I want to urge myself and my clients to get bolder about color options. It’s just color! “

Still can’t bring yourself to be brave? The designer Julie Van Daele has your back. Her recommendation is: “Stick to a more classic and versatile color, but pump up the volume with texture! It will be a lot more timeless. ” Great idea!

It doesn’t get much better than these 13 color trends for 2021.

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Image by Sean Litchfield for Tali Roth Designs.

Designer Tali Roth is drawn to rich yellows like this cheerful banana cream cake. She repeated a piece of advice from Kelly Wearstler: “Go into your closet, drape these colors around your house and see how it makes you feel.” If you like a yellow bang in your clothes, you will likely love it on your walls.

According to Roth, color trends for 2021 are about a throwback to the 1980s. Earthy palettes like brown, mushrooms and muddy colors find their way inside. The trick is to find a perfect shade like Dead Salmon that has a touch of pink to avoid feeling dirty.

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Image via Max Humphrey.

Humphrey is all about using olive green color instead of a more traditional navy blue. He points out that “it looks great on a bedroom wall and is really great as a closet or dresser color, especially when a slight sheen like satin or semi-gloss is used.” This cloudy olive green shade from Clare is soft yet makes a chic statement.

In a similar area to the previously mentioned earth-driven brown tones, Roth emphasizes that strong earth tones such as terracotta, dark red and mustard also become strong. The Ghost Ranch shares the difference between classic brown and deep red – it’s the perfect warm terracotta.

Van Daele can’t get enough of textured walls, it’s the perfect way to turn an ordinary paint job into a big statement. She says, “Try to add texture to your wall, not just a flat color. Your walls can be a statement in texture, but not necessarily color. I love the Roman tone of Portola Paints! “

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Image via Tali Roth Designs.

This classic deep sage green is absolutely gorgeous – no wonder it’s one of the biggest color trends for 2021. This sleek, traditional shade is practically a neutral color and incredibly versatile. It would look stunning in a smaller room, office, or home library.

Pretty much all of the designers we spoke to emphasized the resurgence of mustard tones in color. This gently sunny shade from Clare is rich and cheerful without being overly bright. Use it to brighten up a kitchen corner, bathroom, or small bedroom. There is something special about this warm gold tone.

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Romantic and moody, After Hours from Backdrop is the ideal black for a sexy bedroom or a candlelit bathroom. While dark colors have become increasingly popular in recent years, the need for retreat within your own home has helped really boost the awareness of this shade. It’s the perfect shade for a quiet, zen little hideaway in your own home.

Rust by Benjamin Moore

Both Roth and Van Daele mentioned the spread of rust as one of the biggest color trends for paint in 2021. This oversaturated real rust is no longer just an exterior color, it would be incredible in an office, dining room, reading nook or any other room look like bathroom.

Our design experts can’t get enough of green this year, and there’s something incredibly calming about a soft gray-teal-green. This beautiful and perfectly named shade by Benjamin Moore is definitely reminiscent of a stormy Greek sea. It’s mysterious and fascinating, and at the same time incredibly relaxing. Give your bathroom or bedroom a splash.

5 of 5Image via Max Humphrey.

Jewel hues are gaining traction this year, with everything from eggplant to ruby ​​red dominating the scene. This cheery, aptly named light blue shade has enough white undertones to be used in a bedroom without feeling like the walls are about to approach you.

Earthy hues will be abundant in 2021, and this deep, warm pink would look just as beautiful in a kitchen as it would in a bedroom or small living space. It’s pink without being overtly feminine and grounded without feeling too brown. A real neutral pink for those who hesitate to dive into something lighter.

Once you start thinking outside the box, you may find that a more neutral shade with undertones of a certain color is the way to go to immerse your toes in the bold world of color. After all, going from years of neutral walls to a bold shade isn’t easy! “If you like the idea of ​​integrating green with color in your home, you might find a nice brown or gray with a hint of green,” recommends Van Dael. Gray cashmere fits that bill perfectly.


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