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Keep your finger on the pulse of the times! Top ways to get real estate knowledge

Towards the end of the first quarter, the record low tests the industry’s inventories to switch with these unique times and stay in the game for listings in a flash. This supports buyers with competing offers and exponentially rising property prices – weekly!

Keep the pulse of the industry, not just the market

When you’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to see at times What’s around the corner of a high level. To make the best decisions for your customers, team, or organization and business, you need to know what comes next and who to turn to for information and support. It helps you plan your marketing strategy and content, equip your team with solid services and technology, and inspire your events and life.

By consistently acquiring knowledge, inspiration, and investment in yourself, your career can flourish.

Here are some Inman Community tips for planning ahead:

Get consistently involved with your community of real estate mentors and colleagues

Virtual real estate events, Online meetings and social media have been a lifeline over the past year.

Live events and conferences are making a comeback, but have a digital meeting place Stay connected to all industry events helps you gain knowledge with the colleagues who respect you the most, regardless of their brand affiliation.

Deepening your mutual relationships in the moment is the first step in rebuilding your foundation for face-to-face events.

Network and collaborate

Energy from others feeds your mind and heart. Make sure you are out there and interacting with new people. If there is an event with a panel discussion or an expert talk, this can be of great use to you.

T.Repeat like a university lecture: be attentive, ask questions, take notes – and revise and implement them thoroughly. Zoom fatigue made it too easy to “hear” passively but not really listen.

Use social media to stay connected, then take it online and offline

It can be of great benefit to follow your peers and organizations and be careful about what they post and share. In our industry, you can often find someone who regularly shares Instagram stories, writings, or podcasts about their experiences in a particular career.

Take the time to observe the thought leaders in the industry. By paying attention to the industry paths, you can get an idea of ​​how long it will take to get to where you want to be and how to get there. Be curious, ask questions, message, DM, connect and collaborate with those who move you.

Industry Access: Attend industry events and read industry publications

While this tip comes as no surprise to many real estate veterans, don’t underestimate the expansion of your property access, Knowledge and awareness of what is happening – and what is to come. Watch out Sell ​​sunset or Million dollar listing Doesn’t Count The stories, press releases, analysis, conversations – and your view of everything – strengthen your thinking and influence in your market.

I hear it all the time: Inman digital and Live real estate events are an affordable and consistent way to keep the industry pulse, take a peek at the local area, meet the best community and network that gives you an inspiring place to belong. So what’s around the corner?

Choose an Inman Connect Experience That Prepares You for Success:


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