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3 important tips for start-ups with 13 or more chats

Every technology enthusiast who comes to Silicon Valley pursues the goal of becoming a start-up for banks. Any new start-up that pops up on any business horizon thirsts for the attention of venture capital firms and ends up getting huge. Reality bites, however, and most ideas remain funded only by the pursuit of victory.

Here, at 13chats We believe that the power of confidence in starting a business can work wonders. But also a couple of other principles. As a start-up, we know what it means to start small despite your high plans. We have outlined three basic rules that helped us with the actual start and that fit easily into any start-up philosophy.

1. Just start.

If you can find all the resources to meet your start-up needs, you may find yourself biting your nails. However, we recommend finding obvious solutions under your feet.

Test your hypothesis and experiment using simple and accessible tools. It’s good if they’re cheap. Perfect when they are free. Build your website on a website building platform, not a custom CMS. What if your website doesn’t have a unique domain name? It is not waiting that kills, hesitation does it. Take advantage of new technology, test and use financial management tools

Use available chatbot builders to connect with your audience and learn about their pains, needs, and interests, thus designing your pathways for further development. If you get social media friendly, you will find that promoting your brand isn’t as money-intensive as you thought it would be.

Student funding opportunities and news companies that tend to invest in startups. Just remember, once companies invest in you, they expect to get their money back and multiply as quickly as possible. So don’t waste time waiting for perfection – prepare to take risks, fail, change your methods, try crazy ideas, and start over. Time is on your side when you breathe your dream.

2. Move around.

Spread the word about your brand at themed events – conferences, meetups, hackathons, summits. In fact, a 2019 Web Summit was a starting point for our product. We showed our chatbot to visitors, they tested it and shared their instant feedback, which led us to improvement vectors.

In addition, we were often approached by people looking for solutions that we could not satisfy. However, this message filled us with ideas, new contacts and gave us some good marketing food for thought.

Use every available opportunity to present your project: be a speaker at conferences, organize webinars, conduct demos of your project. This way you will attract more users to your product, hear their opinion and work on the existing features to improve them and develop new features.

While the pandemic may have restricted our freedom to travel, it has certainly lifted the limits to communication and networking. Online conferencing ruled the world in 2020 and is still the primary source of business collaboration today. Now you can present your product right from your couch and immediately pick up your first customers from another continent. Yes, coronavirus, nothing is impossible! 🙂

3. Be open, fearless …

… and determined. That means you never have to step back from your goals. stick to your principles. When you believe in what you do, you pass the shine on to others – investors, prospects, new team members. You may not have all the functions at once or you may have an office downtown. Your employees may be 10 jacks, but hey, you’re a start-up, right? Building progress takes time and patience. Just keep working, see what is producing good results, improve it, and explore new ways to perfect your product. And remember to sleep in between. 😉

We understand better than anyone that every customer counts these days. So it’s our turn 13chats offer to set up a website live chat and a Facebook chatbot for your start-up for free. And if nobody told you about it today – we believe in you!


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