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The Bay Area Indie Sereno Group merges with Dwell Realtors

The combined company will have nearly 600 agents spread across much of Northern California.

Sereno Group, the largest independent broker in Northern California, announced on Friday that it was merging with Dwell Realtors, another indie that has made waves in the area.

The two companies formulated the move in a statement as “joining forces”, saying the combination company will “have 575 experienced agents with annual sales of $ 6 billion.” In an email, a company spokesperson further described the relationship as a “merger,” noting that Dwell will eventually be renamed to operate under the Sereno banner.

The companies did not disclose any financial details of the deal or say when exactly this rebranding process would be completed.

For Sereno, who took over East Bay brokerage firm J. Rockcliff last summer, the deal goes without saying. The company’s statement also states that Dwell is “the fourth addition in less than 10 months”.

Chris Trapani

In the corporate statement, Sereno CEO Chris Trapani said, “Words cannot express how honored and inspired we are to unite with the esteemed Dwell Realtors.”

“We continue to believe that professional and caring brokers provide the most complete service to the clients they serve,” added Trapani. “Sereno intends to invest in this reality for many years to come.”

Trapani co-founded Sereno in 2006 and eventually expanded the company to 14 offices in California’s Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Lake Tahoe and other regions.

Laura Bertolacci

Dwell started operations in early 2015 and is based in San Carlos, about 30 minutes south of downtown San Francisco. Agent partners Laura Bertolacci, Bob Bredel, Tatum Clarke, Joyce Romeo and Alana Corso lead Dwell and will continue the merger.

In Friday’s statement, Bertolacci said the merger will allow us “to advance our pursuit of a better customer experience and expand our reach in the community while delivering the same exceptional service that customers expect from Dwell”.

Tatum Clarke was similarly optimistic.

“There is a natural synergy between these two companies,” said Clarke in the statement, “and I couldn’t be more excited when our agents, customers and our community experience this.”

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