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RE / MAX launches new agent health program

The program promises to provide agents, brokers, managers and their families with access to Aetna PPO coverage.

RE / MAX announced a new benefit program Thursday that will enable its agents and brokers in the United States to receive healthcare at a lower cost.

The new program that the company announced at its R4 conference is called Health Benefits Provided by ABO and offers RE / MAX members access to PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans through the insurer Aetna. Agents, brokers, and managers can begin registering April 1st. According to a company statement, the plans apply to both family members and RE / MAX members.

The plans will initially be available in 49 states, with coverage “imminent” in Hawaii, the statement said.

The RE / MAX statement also explains that the program will offer a variety of insurance options with fixed tariffs. While options vary by location, takeaway considerations include: “Factors such as age and existing health conditions are not considered in receiving an offer for a selected plan,” the statement said.

In addition to health insurance, the program also includes the ability to add additional coverage for things like eyesight and dental care.

Nick Bailey, RE / MAX’s Chief Customer Officer, announced the new service program at his company’s R4 conference on Thursday. Credit: RE / MAX

Health insurance has become a major issue in the real estate industry in recent years as it can be a major challenge for brokers, most of whom are independent contractors. This means that many agents do not have access to traditional employer-provided health care and usually have to go into business for themselves if they find a plan.

In response, some large real estate companies have offered some kind of health plan in recent years. For example, Realogy announced a program called Spark in 2019 that will allow agents to control the process of selecting coverage. And Keller Williams works with Stride, a company that helps independent contractors find retirement plans.

RE / MAX had previously partnered with independent firms to provide coverage, even though there wasn’t a single formal company-wide program in the same vein as Spark. These partner options are still available, but RE / MAX agents can now also work via the company’s own system.

On RE / MAX’s website for the new program, the company announced that it would bring real estate professionals “more value at a lower cost”. The program should also offer lower deductible options, lower maximum expenses, co-payments for emergency rooms, and a host of other benefits.

RE / MAX Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Pam Harris at R4 Thursday.Credit: RE / MAX

Pam Harris, RE / MAX Senior Vice President Customer Experience, and her team developed the new program and will oversee its implementation. She and Nick Bailey, RE / MAX’s chief customer officer, jointly announced the program on R4 Thursday.

In a statement, Bailey stated that the “program is really changing the landscape of insurance offerings for RE / MAX agents.”

“It gives RE / MAX partners and their families access to quality, discounted coverage,” Bailey continued, “and offers a level of security they may not currently have.”

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