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Have a nice weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? We’re going to watch the new movie The Father which looks amazing. I also read Edie Richter Isn’t Alone, an amazing novel about a woman whose father suffered from Alzheimer’s. Hope you have a good one – chag sameach for those who celebrate Passover! – and here are some links from the internet …

The perfect shampoo. (Look at the before and after.)

Impressive! This voice lag ventriloquist is so cool.

Why did Princess Diana’s hair look like this?

Cant wait to see the Alice Neel exhibit at the Met.

35 things you can do for yourself today. (I loved # 21.)

Matzo ice box cake.

The new movie Shiva Baby looks great.

“I survived 18 years in solitary confinement.” (New York Times)

Oooh what a beautiful garden. And this one too.

“When I started my massage training.” (The Atlantic)

I love those black pants.

A Caesar salad candlestick, of all things.

Plus, three reader comments:

AK on the mind-blowing magic of cold water swimming: “I belong to a group of women who meet every morning to swim. Granted, we wait for spring to begin, but there’s nothing more magical than seeing a group of women running through the woods to gather on the bank of a lake at sunrise, undressing and wading into the water. It’s a secret that I like to wear all day. The store is out of the cereal I wanted? That’s cool, I started my day with a nude bath! “

VVeronika on the amazing magic of cold water swimming: “I’m going through IVF – we lost our last one a few months ago after 10 weeks – so it was difficult. My husband took cold showers for years, but I’ve always resisted since I hated cold water. One day I was very down and thought, ok, I’ll do it now. At first I kind of screamed and sang, it was so cold. But when I came out, I felt like euphoric. It’s been three months now and I love it; I feel so much better every time! It is also good practice to teach yourself not to be afraid and simply respond to your decision, “I go in” and you go in. “

Tell Christian AE to the unlikely conversation starter: “As an Asian kid born and raised in Canada, I wondered why my parents never used words as loving as families did on television. What I didn’t realize was that the gesture of cleaning, peeling, and slicing fruit that we could enjoy together was imbued with the kind of love, attention, and care I thought was missing. My Lolo and Lola would ALWAYS peel grapes (!) For my sister and me. A green apple was cut into even pieces and sprinkled with salt to cut through the tartness. God forbid their peeled oranges, grapefruits, and grapefruits had pith left over before they divided the sections among our family members. Now that I’m older, I make an effort to eat fruit as part of my diet. Sometimes I spend the time peeling this orange in a way that my family is proud of. My lolos and and my lolas have been gone a long time, but I miss them a lot every time I have fruit for dessert. “

(Photo for House and Garden UK by Éva Németh.)


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