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4 men’s fashion tips to dress better for work

They’re great at a lot of things like fixing the dishwasher, providing answers to the toughest questions at work, or giving great tips on how to exercise. However, if you have no idea how to match your new shoes to your clothes, you will not make the right impression on the job. After all, they say that clothes make the man.

But for most men, putting together an outfit can be a daunting task. But who doesn’t want to compliment every now and then? The following fashion tips will teach you how to always look your best when you walk into the office.

1. Wear the correct size.

Show your body! You don’t have to be ashamed of anything. Why wear a shirt that is 3 sizes too big when you don’t even need to? People don’t care that you wear an expensive shirt if you fit in twice. Did you know that you can get twice as much attention by wearing well-fitting clothes? Why wouldn’t you This applies not only to the sizes, but also to the fitting. When shopping, try different types of customization, such as: B. normal, straight, slim or muscular fit. Try them out one by one and find out which fit best suits your body. If you don’t know, we recommend that you go to a tailor. They can help you.

2. Invest in basics.

An expensive bespoke suit, crazy swim shorts or colorful trousers can easily be added to your wardrobe. Even so, it’s wise to invest in good basics, especially if you work from home. Think of t-shirts (for example the Merino t-shirt), Shirts, sweaters and hoodies. If you have these items in timeless colors (white, black, navy and gray), your outfit is definitely going to be great! Basic clothing is essential to your wardrobe as it can be easily paired with bolder items of clothing.

If you’re at home and aren’t making a Zoom call, do your best to look your best. Invest in good men’s sweatpants (Dutch: Here sweatpants). This way you will be comfortable and ready for an emergency call.

3. The right accessories.

A great fashion sense is more than just clothes, it’s the accessories that complete your outfit. Wear a hat to accent your face (or when you’re having a bad day). As well as a watch that can make you look very sophisticated and confident. Then sunglasses will always be a timeless fashion item. However, only ask a friend or specialist to help you add to your facial structure.

The last important accessory to complete your appearance is a bag. You can have different types of bags for different occasions. Bring a backpack if hanging out with friends and a leather briefcase if you work in an office. Most people use the same bag every day for a long time. It is therefore important to invest in a high quality bag.

4. Be confident.

Being confident is more important than wearing a fashionable outfit. As long as you exude confidence, you can turn any outfit into a great one. In fact, people care less about what you wear when they are confident. However, you cannot be sure if you are not yourself. That is why the most important thing is to dress for who you are. It wouldn’t make sense to dress up as a cowboy if you can’t even ride a horse. So dress in the way that feels natural to you to help build your confidence.

So give your friends a call and go shopping using these tips. We are sure you will see the part when you are done shopping.


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