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10 Women-Led Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Today

In a world where women’s voices are often drowned out, podcasting has become a place where women speak first and, when yelled at, have the editorial power to get their message across to a wide audience. It’s a medium where presentation, length, and style are as unique as the host’s, and its format for listeners levels the playing field in ways that other mentoring or educational opportunities cannot.

Through narrative art and data-driven research, the women behind the 10 podcasts on this list use examples to teach us how to speak forcefully when sparking controversial conversations, delicately crossing painful topics, boldly approaching hot-button topics, and taking on interviews. Among them are experts, professors, writers, entrepreneurs, therapists and storytellers – each with their own brilliance.

Discover worldviews you’ve never experienced before and gain insights into happier personal lives by subscribing to the podcasts of these influential thought leaders today.

As a historian, writer, and associate professor at Duke Divinity School, Kate has a magical way of weaving everyday stories into life-changing lessons based on academics and fascinating guest interviews. Named for her book Everything Happens For A Reason: And Other Lies I Loved, which records what it was like to be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 35 in a culture where tragedy is treated like a character test will delve deep into what we can learn from the darkest seasons of our lives. Kate is an expert on how to live a beautiful, fulfilling life even when the future feels uncertain – a timely gift for a pandemic world.

The esteemed relationship therapist, Esther, invites listeners to her office to eavesdrop on recordings of real therapy sessions between co-workers and colleagues who grapple with the dynamics and conflicts in the workplace. A spin-off of their award-winning show Where Should We Begin ?, which reveals raw and intimate counseling sessions between couples. How’s Work? assumes that no one leaves their relationship habits on the office door. Esther seamlessly helps her clients see how their differences of opinion about contracts or tensions in a family business can be traced back to the relationships that bind (or separate) us.

Jamila’s mission is to help everyday people achieve financial freedom. After making a name for herself as a blogger who recorded her journey to saving $ 85,000 in 12 months, the podcast became her new home for financial wisdom, money-saving tips, and goal setting. Jamila uses her experience as a certified financial education instructor to help listeners navigate the confusing waters of investments, credit scores, emergency funds, taxes, and early retirement. Additionally, each episode is a reminder to dream big, come up with a plan, and then make it happen.

It is not that the staunch and brave among us are fearless – they are only willing to choose courage in moments of fear. Through truthful and honest conversations with up-and-coming and already in the mix people, Luvvie shows listeners how to be change agents and trailblazers in their fields and how to overcome moments of self-doubt to do scary things that make up the world is a better place. With Luvvie’s encouragement, discover how to rock the boat, take action, and learn how to “get into good trouble”.

Red Table conversation with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris

Mother, daughter and grandmother sit down for these engaging conversations that do not hold back on social and cultural issues. With a cross-generational approach, Jada, Willow and Adrienne grapple with difficult topics such as the mother-shameful epidemic and sexual consent and invite prominent and experienced guests to deal with their own perspectives. Discover new points of view and challenge yourself to grow as you listen to discussions on some of the most provocative topics of the day.

Have you ever wondered how successful entrepreneurs get started? Kindra, chief storytelling officer and bestselling author of SUCCESS magazine, chats with established and emerging stars of the business world to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a successful brand. Listen to hear the success stories you won’t hear anywhere else and discover how you can follow in their footsteps.

Grief isn’t funny, but Nora’s quick-witted and self-deprecating hosting style somehow gives us permission to laugh through tears. Her tender narration, while interviewing guests about their real-life tragedies and heartache, is a mixture of lighthearted banter and nerve-wracking empathy as she hears the retelling of people’s most painful moments. After losing her husband, aged just 35, a baby, and father within six weeks, Nora becomes sad, and that gives guests and listeners the freedom to listen comfortably and learn hard lessons on how to survive or offer Support when the unthinkable happens.

Whether you are hearing about the Enneagram for the first time or are ready to grapple with viewpoints, triads and the orientation to time, Suzanne is the perfect guide. Author of The Road Back to You and The Path Between Us, Suzanne is the expert on Enneagram research and a sought-after speaker. Her wisdom, experience, and insight are second to none, but it is her compassionate voice and skillful teaching style that masterfully transform a complex topic into an accessible tool that can enhance your relationships and expand your self-esteem.

True, Marie is gifted at teaching creatives and entrepreneurs how to highlight their brands, but she is also a beacon reminding people to show up and bring their unique gifts to the table. With a bizarre sense of humor, Marie shows people how they can authentically incorporate their personality and heart into their work, and defends herself against the conviction that there is a uniform template for success. Episodes cover a wide range of topics – like career counseling, healthy living, happiness, and failure – but they all result in listeners finding the inspiration they need to create better business and personal lives they love .

She is the voice behind the vulnerability movement and the research professor whose TED Talk rocked the internet with her studies of shame. In her apologetic Texan accent, Brené teaches listeners how to set healthy boundaries, stand up for the marginalized, and stand up for their defense and coping mechanisms. Some episodes include interviews with celebrities who need no introduction, while others are simply filled with Brené’s wisdom and decades of data as she teaches listeners to indulge in courage, compassion, and, of course, vulnerability as they lead these chaotic, imperfect, beautiful lives.

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Sarah Paulk is a freelance writer best known for interviews with the thought leaders of multi-million and multi-billion dollar brands. Her cover stories and articles have been featured in Success from Home, Direct Selling News, Empowering Women, and others. Sarah is also an author and ghostwriter who helps her clients bring their memories and research to life in book form. Connect with her on her website www.sarahpaulk.com.


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