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How Website Copying Can Help You Build Brand Trust

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Building trust in your brand is a must. In fact, in 2020, a whopping 82% of customers surveyed said that trust in a company is important to them. Consumers want to know they can trust a brand before they spend their money. The more trust you can have in your brand, the more customers and the higher the retention rates your business will enjoy.

There are a number of public relations gambles and branding imaging techniques you can use to try to build consumer confidence in your brand. However, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. This article is about building trust in your brand with little more than your website copy. Let us begin.

Get to the point

Any marketing strategy begins with an attempt to grab consumer attention. In a digital age, you don’t have much time.

A benchmark study by the provider of the digital performance management platform SOASTA showed that a loading time delay of just two seconds can increase the bounce rate of your site by up to 103%. Browsing customers don’t like to wait long.

Let’s apply this concept to your website copy. When it comes to your landing page, get to the point ASAP. Tell customers where they are and why they are there, using as little language as possible. Reel it in fast enough and you can just catch a conversion.

Why does a straightforward approach create trust? Because talking about the bush can give your business the appearance of a sham or a scheme. When you clearly state your value proposition, potential customers will see that your brand is helping them, not cheating them out of their hard-earned money.

Focus on results

Too many companies focus on the features of their offering. But these are nothing more than bells and whistles when customers have no use for them. Using your copy of your website to focus on the results will target consumers much more effectively. Instead of showing them the shiny objects you are offering, you are appealing to a need of theirs that needs to be met.

For example, suppose a customer is browsing the Internet looking for a new cell phone. While high definition cameras and the latest in phone speaker technology are all well and good, those features likely don’t meet the primary needs this customer is looking to meet. This information can be provided elsewhere on your website.

Instead, focus on the results that customers get from purchasing a phone at your company. Stick to a statement like “5G service where you live” or “the most reliable connection for you and your family” on your landing page. Regardless of the additional features your phone has, customers will be more drawn to the emotional connection that comes from purchasing a technology that allows them to communicate with loved ones.

You can also add your business to Google Maps to improve your online visibility. This is especially useful when customers are looking locally for a product or service that your company has to offer. The results would produce your business as well as other companies in your niche. Location is a results-driven strategy that customers can use to find businesses in their area.

Include testimonials

Don’t let consumers take your word for it. Instead, let others vouch for you.

Testimonials from existing customers are one of the most effective forms of copying. Quotes from happy customers will resonate with your website visitors because they are on the same wavelength as those visitors. Current customers, like your potential customers, once had the same problem that they had to solve. Consumers are far more likely to trust a brand with testimonials than one with overzealous salespeople.

Be as specific as possible when including testimonials on your website copy. You can publish a full testimonial, but part of a customer review is easier to view. Also, it can be used as a teaser to encourage visitors to learn more. Pull out one sentence from your most recent five-star rating and highlight it.

Engage with your audience

Treat your customers as more than a dollar sign. When customers are able to engage with a brand, they build more confidence in their personality and return for their products and services. This engagement fosters a relationship on a deeper level than just transactions.

The right call to action will spark engagement from your audience. Use the website copy to invite visitors to comment on blog posts or share your content on their social media pages. If copying isn’t tempting enough, try posting pictures or videos to encourage customers to engage with your website.

Brand mentions

A brand mention is similar to a testimonial, but instead of emphasizing customer praise, it emphasizes the credibility of trustworthy sources. For example, your company could be featured in a Forbes article that would boost your brand’s image with readers.

By bringing out the right brand names, you will build trust before customers even make it to your website. These types of mentions will also improve your reputation on search engines, which will help your website rank higher.

Once these brand names are in place, you can put a bank of them on your website along with customer testimonials and other resources. Draw your most skeptical visitors to these mentions so they can see industry experts and professional analysts giving your brand a good word.

If you think your brand needs to build consumer confidence, take a look at your website and find ways to improve your copy. Even small changes can make a big difference in bounce rates and conversions.


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