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Inman Connect Now Challenge: Do You Take Care of Your Referral Relationships?

This Tuesday March Connect now The event left me a couple of takeaways, but as always, one topic usually comes up in the conversations – today’s post is about accepting a Challenge. (If you missed the event, you can still get a ticket for all reruns, which is available for 30 days.)

Make relationships the center of everything you do. You know that.

Brad Inman’s exploration tour Conversation with Pete Flint around the digitization of real estate, reinforced again:

  • No matter how advanced or how efficient technology gets, it will never take the place of the relationships that agents have
  • The emotional needs and desires of consumers are where agents offer the most value
  • Knowing how to scale these relationships without compromising quality, intent, and heart to achieve a goal. This is a future-proof company for all technologies that will continue to make business easier for you, the consumer, and multiply the opportunities that arise

Market yourself?

Market and nurture your best relationship in your sphere. Best advice I’ve heard in a long time. SEE

Marketing an entry?

Tell the full story the best you can and help sellers get to the list faster. I am thinking of concierge, additional services that improve your customer experience and attract the next customer. Ready to win more offers? SEE

Expand or start your team?

With your best network, expand on relationships and people who believe what you are doing. Ask yourself the following questions: SEE

Building your referral network

Create a deliberate environment in which these partnerships can grow. Ask yourself: Do I care about my network as I care about my own customers? Do you need tips? SEE

Fact: 78 percent of all agent business comes from the repeat and referral business. (Source: NAR)

Book club

Finally, a few highlights from the Book Club Conversation (which was amazing) here are the highlights:

  • “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, but to the level of your systems.” Quote from Atomic habits by James Clear
  • Think about it for a minute. If you haven’t read this book, every page is worth it. Next up: The five malfunctions of a team led by Patrick M. Lencioni

Other books:

Until next time. (that’s April 20th!) Tix available now!

Bye for now!


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