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21 luxurious bath towels to improve your game after the shower

When was the last time you thought seriously about your towels? It’s probably time to upgrade. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a huge financial expense! Over time, even the most luxurious bath towels lose their absorbency, softness and general fluffiness. Trust us, a simple, new cotton towel can lift your bathroom experience into the realm of self-care.

But first there are several factors that play a role in choosing a bath towel that is right for you, taking into account your bathroom situation and your personal preferences. I have to make a confession: I don’t have a real bathroom. I live in an old New York City apartment building, and as was the custom at the turn of the 19th century, my bathtub and shower are in the kitchen (right in the middle of my tiny apartment). It’s right next to the stove – I can literally reach for a pot of soup and stir it while I wash my hair.

Due to the total lack of ventilation and space, I generally prefer a thinner, faster drying towel – albeit still warm and cozy. However, someone trying to recreate a decadent spa experience may appreciate extreme plush fluffiness above anything else. That’s why we’ve built in a variety of different textiles with different thicknesses and absorbencies – there is even an antimicrobial bath towel option.

Get ready to believe that you are at the spa with these 21 luxurious bath towels – and try out everything we missed in the comments below.

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Why we love it: Don’t let this ultra-fluffy towel fool you. Aerocotton technology has made the fabric exceptionally soft and absorbent, but also quick-drying. It has a double-ribbed dobby design that gives this classic bath towel an updated, modern style that looks great in any bathroom, even one that doesn’t exist.

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Why we love it: There’s a reason this is Brooklinen’s best-selling towel tie. Give your towel collection a serious upgrade with these durable and extremely soft additions. You’ll think you’re at the spa of your dreams every time you step out of a steamy shower.

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Why we love it: Aside from the fact that the towel has a convenient cotton loop that can be used to hang and dry the towel after use, these luxurious Turkish cotton towels are as luscious as they are absorbent. Weighing in at 700 grams, it’s a serious luxury at a reasonable price.

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Why we love it: I can’t help myself, I’m a sucker for a monogram. Best of all, these thick and fluffy towels come in a rainbow of bold and beautiful colors to brighten up your bathroom.

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Why we love it: It seems bold to call a towel fancy, but this one looks so good it might just be the nicest thing in your bathroom. It’s also antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and made with environmentally friendly fibers that fight bacteria and dry quickly. And it’s incredibly soft, absorbent, and durable, so a solid investment it will stand the test of time. What more do we want?

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Why we love it: Oprah’s favorite towels are Ralph Lauren, so my favorite towels are Ralph Lauren. It helps that they break up the difference between soft and quick drying so I don’t have to worry about my kitchen / shower getting musty.

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Why we love it: This Los Angeles-based brand was inspired by the beautiful towels used in luxury hotels on the Italian Riviera. It couldn’t be more luxurious. It also has a small loop for convenient hanging after a bath.

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Why we love it: Made from eco-friendly natural fibers such as cotton and bamboo, this lightweight, versatile towel takes up less space and dries quickly. These towels are made by a local cooperative in Babadag, a small mountain village in southwest Turkey. They work to keep the emerging tradition alive and to celebrate the beautiful craftsmanship and outstanding quality that has been passed down for generations.

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Why we love it: Don’t you want to just plant in those soft towels? Given the density and fluffiness of these absorbent towels, you’ll be surprised how much faster they dry than your average thick terry towel.

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Why we love it: These decadent towels mix three types of Turkish cotton: soft Aegean, absorbent Mediterranean, and durable Anatolian, resulting in a soft towel with excellent quick drying capabilities.

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Why we love it: After decades of producing bed linen for hotels in Europe and the Mediterranean, Hammam Linen has created this collection for the luxury travel lover in all of us. They are made from ring-spun cotton and get softer and fluffier with every wash.

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Why we love it: This lightweight cotton and bamboo towel doesn’t skimp on softness. I especially like the simple, clean lines and the elegant design.

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Why we love it: This organic cotton bath towel is sustainably produced from high quality Turkish cotton. It’s also quick drying, thick, plush, and super soft. It’s specifically designed to last for years of regular use, so you can be sure it’s a solid investment. You will be warm and cozy for years.

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Why we love it: It doesn’t get much better than organic cotton at an affordable price. This towel is available in various neutral shades and provides a calming dash of color that is lightfast even after years of washing. It’s also designed as a low-lint towel so you don’t have to worry about it peeling off all over your bathroom (or kitchen).

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Why we love it: You can see the attention to detail that goes into these ethical organic cotton towels. They feel strong and are completely free of pesticides, formaldehyde and harsh, irritating chemicals. The long staple yarns are incredibly soft and fluff up when washed. Sweet!

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Why we love it: These lightweight, quick-drying towels are handcrafted in Japan from soft Pima cotton. The luxurious Japanese waffle fabric gives them an elegant look that makes them breathable and absorbent. As if that wasn’t good enough, every step in the production process was done in a fair trading environment.

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Why we love it: Affordable does not have to mean compromising on quality. This terry cotton set is proof that a sturdy towel can be durable, cozy and absorbent.

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Why we love it: An 800-gram organic cotton towel for under $ 30? It seems too good to be true. The secret lies in the weave, which ensures that the towel is not only strong, durable and quick drying, but also absorbent, soft and luxurious.

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Why we love it: The honeycomb texture of this cotton cloth makes it as light as it comes without compromising on absorbency or softness. This towel uses the same unique texture and material as the insanely popular Snowe robes. So you know it’s as good as it gets.

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Why we love it: If you want to be pampered, now is your chance as these Missoni towels are the epitome of next level luxury. Treat yourself to a set of these absolutely fabulous towels, subtly adorned with Missoni’s classic pattern.

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Why we love it: These towels cover all bases: they are absorbent and quick-drying and at the same time are made of soft, comfortable material. Not every towel can provide warmth and is breathable and comfortable at the same time. They feel light and fluffy, comparable to towels in hotel and spa quality, but are still light.

Did we miss your favorite luxury bath towel brand? Let us know below.


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