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6 Ways Twilight Photography Can Make Your Property Ad Shine

If you want to take your real estate offering to the next level, consider incorporating twilight photography to complement your professional indoor and outdoor photos. Twilight photos are pictures of a house that are usually taken at twilight, when there are many colors in the sky. They are used to showcase a property by highlighting features like pools, fire pits, views, and even sunsets. They require extensive skill, multiple flash exposures, and a little bit of editing magic to create a beautiful photo of your home.

There are many benefits to adding twilight photography to your list of property photos. It gives your listing a premium feel, sets it apart from the competition, and highlights details of your home that you normally can’t see during the day. Most importantly, twilight photography creates an inviting glow that entices potential buyers to learn more about your home. So, as you are preparing to sell your home, there are 6 reasons why partnering with a professional twilight photographer can make your property ad shine.

1. Twilight photography attracts potential buyers

When you list your home in a competition Real estate marketyou want your cover photo to attract potential buyers and make a strong first impression. Using a twilight photo as a picture highlights the natural beauty of the exterior of your home and encourages buyers to explore your listing rather than scrolling to the nearest house in their home Real estate app.

2. It creates a premium feel

Adding twilight photography to your property listing can make you feel at home alive. Combine natural twilight colors with the shine of the outdoors Recessed lights offers a high-end premium feel that will make your home scream and possibly even help justify a higher list price.

3. Twilight photography sets your property listing apart from the competition

Salespeople often make the mistake of not taking twilight photography. So when you have unique photos, your property listing will stand out from the competition. Many people love to look at pictures with glowing lights and a breathtaking sunset in the background. So why not take advantage of it with your real estate photos? Alluring and colorful, Twilight photos will help make your entry stand out for the competition.

4. It can help your home sell faster and for more money

According to RedfinHomes professionally photographed with DSLR cameras sold faster and for thousands of dollars more than homes with amateur photographs. Since searching and browsing online is an important part of the home buying process, it makes sense that professional photos would attract more people to visit the home.

When you hire a professional photographer to take your real estate photos (including twilight photography), you not only get great, professional photos, but you can potentially speed up the sales process and get more cash for your home.

5. Twilight photography shows functions that cannot be seen during the day

Perhaps you have lights installed in the pool, fairy lights hanging over your lawn, or a Fireplace. During the day these lighting details are not captured, but at night they can add a glow to your entry and paint a picture of how beautiful and vibrant your home looks when the sun goes down.

6. Unique details can be presented for luxury properties

Sell ​​a Listing of luxury properties can benefit greatly from twilight photography. By including twilight photography in your entry, you can showcase many details such as lampposts in your garden, long-lit paths, or landscape features such as trees or shrubs. This can make your home appear larger than it actually is. Million dollar deals usually also offer breathtaking views that are made even more beautiful with colors that saturate the skyline. For example if you live in Portland, OR and your home has a view of Mount Hood. When you take a twilight picture of the mountain with a sunset in the background, you can see why your property is unique.

Twilight photography requires good planning to get the right lighting and timing. Working with a seasoned photographer to capture the magic will not only make your property listing stand out from the crowd, but should give it an extra spark to make it shine.


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