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Oregon Homeowners! Find Out 5 Home Features Worth Investing

Homeowners are often torn between which home improvement project they’ll tackle next. From designing the perfect media room to finalizing your basement floor, you may be wondering which of these house features could add more value to your home. For Oregon homeowners, here are five worth investing in Home trends in Oregon This can help you decide on the next project that is high on your list. * *

If you want to invest in one Home improvement projectThe following home features have a sale-to-list ratio of over 100% meaning that homes in Oregon with these features are selling above the seller’s asking price.

1) New kitchen

All of these great local and organic products from Oregon mean one thing to Oregonians – modern cuisine. Perhaps that starts with remodeling your entire kitchen, updating appliances, or installing new countertops. The ways to improve your kitchen are endless. With a sale to list ratio of 102.4%, homebuyers also place great emphasis on a new kitchen when making home deals. Working with your local remodel company or contractor will not only help you find the right style of upgrade for your kitchen, but it will also take you one step closer to this home trend.

Outdoor deck house features

2) Back patio and large deck

Indoor and outdoor life comes first in Oregon’s diverse climate. Some of the most valuable features of an outdoor Oregon home are back patios, large decks, back yards, and fenced yards. Whether you’re interested in a DIY project to build your own deck or prefer to call a professional to upgrade your outdoor space, make sure your outdoor living space stands out. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors while investing in your home.

Living room art

3) Large living room

Perhaps you have planned to turn off the wall separating your living room from your kitchen, or have thought about expanding part of your living space into the back yard. This year may be the year you call your local remodeling team or your trusted general contractor to create the ultimate living room. Oregon homeowners with large living rooms can see their homes sell above list price. So make your living space the star of your home.

House-garage-curb roll call

4) Attached garage

Whether you are live in Bend or Portland, ORConsider upgrading your attached garage. Homes with attached garages have a sale to listing ratio of 101.6%. So if you are looking for a home improvement project to finish this year, consider spicing up your attached garage. A new coat of paint on the garage door can go a long way. Or if you’ve noticed that the door isn’t working quite as well as it was previously considered, replacing the door entirely.

Living room wood-burning fireplace

5) wood fireplaces

With all of the added warmth and coziness that winter in Oregon brings, it only makes sense that fireplaces should be one of the house features that you want to showcase in your home. Only 1% of homes currently for sale in Oregon have wood-burning fireplaces, which means your home is likely to stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for the perfect way to warm up your space next winter, give your local fireplace company a call and find out which one Fireplace type works best for your home.

*Per Home listing data on Redfin.com as of February 2021.

Individual results may vary. This is not intended to be a substitute for the services of a licensed real estate agent or licensed and bound Home Services professional or appraiser.


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