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Nice weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? Today’s weather feels like spring and I’m looking forward to leaving my jacket at home! The sunshine feels so relaxing on our faces. Hope you have a good one and here are some fun links from around the internet …

The beauty product I used every day this year.

Jenny reveals her new cookbook cover.

This anecdote made me laugh. So charming.

Plots of films from the 1980s if their protagonists had been people of color. (New Yorker)

How beautiful are these UK travel photos?

Curious to try this arousal trick.

“I’m not ready to end isolation!” (New York Magazine)

My husband Alex looks like Seth Rogen, and Seth Rogen agrees, haha. (New York Times)

The most beautiful birthday candles.

A bold, beautiful essay on a girl’s nursing experience. “Did we do something bad? Weren’t we enough? Nobody said and we knew better than to ask. We left without crying or complaining, as if childhood were some kind of war and we had been made soldiers. “(New York Times)

Plus, three reader comments:

Twyla about conversations with a seven year old: “My husband and I have no children, but my husband is very young and has constant water / snowball fights with the children in our apartment complex. You actually ring the doorbell and ask if he can come outside and play (he’s 45). We found out how clueless they are of his real age when one of the boys said to him, “I’ll tell your mother!” Which they did. Me.”

Toni says about the quirks of your house: “My former home on the Upper West Side was amazing. There was the woman who randomly walked through the halls and shouted, “I made lemon sticks” and suddenly the doors opened and there was a little happy hour with a lemon bar in the halls … The lady who served my husband in ketchup -Had thanked packages for helping her with her groceries every week (there was no no for an answer from Rose) … The precocious kid with his super shy parents who once asked me, “Do you live with your friends together?” and when I answered no it was followed by “Do you have any friends?” It was such a perfect little village in a big building. It really felt like home. “

Tricia on conversations with a seven-year-old: “We laughed a lot about what our four-year-old said recently. My husband came downstairs in a flannel shirt and our son said, “Dad! We’re not going to a wedding! Take off the chic wedding suit! ‘I think it’s been a while since he wore a button-down … about a year to be precise. “

(Photo by Leah Wymer.)

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