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Clover POS System Review for 2021: Features, Costs, Top Alternatives

The Clover POS system is a solid and affordable choice for entrepreneurs with restaurants, retail stores, or professional services. Thanks to the user-friendly features and the high-quality, versatile hardware, orders can be added easily or sales can be made efficiently. It’s not the cheapest option available, however, and pricing could be more transparent.


A point of sale software and hardware solution for retail, dining and professional services.

To get started with Clover, you need to choose both a software plan and the hardware that you want to use. You can combine POS software and hardware options to meet the specific needs of your business, and customize setups specifically for restaurants, retail and general service businesses. All systems come with:

  • Reporting tools to help you track sales, filter your POS reports to see your busiest times and best-selling items, get aggregated sales across all locations, view end-of-day reports, track total sales per employee, and much more.

  • Telephone customer service around the clock.

  • Ability to set up both digital and physical gift cards.

  • Ability to accept online payments through a virtual terminal.

  • Ability to sync with third party apps like QuickBooks and Yelp.

  • The option to use Rapid Deposit which gives you access to funds generated through sales transactions in minutes for a 1% fee instead of the typical one to three business days waiting.

Clover was acquired by First Data in 2012, which was acquired by Fiserv in 2019. According to payment news website PYMNTS.com, Fiserv is one of the largest payment and financial technology providers in the world. When you sign up with Clover you will need to use Fiserv for payment processing in the backend, although you can work through different merchant service providers.

What does Clover cost?

This is how Clover’s software, hardware, and payment processing costs pile up.

Software and payment processing costs

Register Lite

Software: $ 9.95 per month

Payment processing: 2.7% + $ 0.10 per transaction for personal transactions and 3.5% + $ 0.10 for each transaction entered.

  • Ability to accept and process all forms of payment including credit, debit, chip and contactless.

  • Ability to track cash payments.

  • Offline payment processing.

  • Ability to call items and add discounts and taxes.

  • Electronic signatures and tips.

  • Sales tracking and reports.

  • Customizable employee permissions and shifts.

  • Ability to remotely monitor activities, sales, and refunds.

  • Liability coverage up to $ 100,000 for data breach.

  • Access to the Clover App Market.

to register

Software: $ 39.95 per month

Payment processing: 2.3% + $ 0.10 per transaction for personal transactions and 3.5% + $ 0.10 for each transaction entered.

  • Ability to tip checks.

  • Ability to read customer feedback and respond with coupons.

Additional functions for the restaurant cash register system with register plan:

  • Ability to easily process orders.

  • Ability to send orders to a remote printer or a display in your kitchen.

  • Option to connect a scale to your Clover POS.

  • Credit card pre-authorization for tabs and reservations.

Additional functions for the retail POS system with register plan:

  • Ability to add variants and costs to inventory at item level.

  • Item-level profitability tracking.

Nerdy tip: Not all of these software features work with all Clover POS hardware solutions. For example, Go doesn’t give you access to features like building your mailing list, creating a loyalty program, and reading customer feedback.

Hardware costs

Mobile attachment for iOS or Android devices.

All-in-one handheld POS system.

Compact POS system for the worktop.

Full POS system on the countertop.

Complete countertop POS system with consumer display.

Clover Go is the most portable of the Clover POS hardware options. This clover point of sale hardware is a bluetooth enabled smart device attachment that your business can only handle magnetic stripe cards, smart cards and contactless payments. However, unlike other hardware options of the Clover POS system, Clover Go requires an iOS or Android device. It costs $ 69, making it the cheapest hardware option.

The Clover Flex is hand-held POS hardware that offers a remarkable amount of functionality for its size. It can process all payments, capture customer signatures, scan barcodes and print receipts – all on the go. Among the mobile POS options it is an excellent choice. It costs $ 499.

This is the first full countertop option in the Clover POS system hardware offerings. The small, powerful hardware option, which starts at $ 749, is relatively affordable when compared to other countertop systems. You can quickly process all payments, scan barcodes and print receipts.

The Clover Station system, which starts at $ 1,349, gives you the same great features as the Clover Mini, but at higher speeds. It also includes a cash drawer and receipt printer.

With this option, you get the Clover Station with a second touchscreen display for customers. This can contribute to a better customer experience, e.g. For example, if you want your customer to be able to review their order while you close a sale. This option starts at $ 1,649.

All-in-one solution

With a Clover POS system, everything is included: software, hardware and payment processing. With the exception of the Clover Go, you can also use these systems without relying on a smartphone or tablet. If you want to keep things simple, purchasing these goods and services as a package is attractive.

Affordable prices

Clover’s payment processing rates are reasonable compared to competitors. The 2.7% + $ 0.10 transaction rate on Clover’s Register Lite plan is roughly the same as that of PayPal and Stripe (and a little more than Square). The register plan provides a lower rate of 2.3% + $ 0.10, which outperforms most other competitors. Additionally, the Clover Flex POS and Clover Mini POS are available for less than $ 750. Many companies have to spend more than $ 1,000 to get a full set of POS hardware. The affordability of Clover cannot be missed.

First class hardware

Clover hardware works with great speed and ease and can be set up for a variety of different business purposes, including restaurants, retail stores, and services. Its functionality and versatility could be enough to justify the higher prices for more elaborate setups like the Station Pro.

No free hardware options

Unlike some POS systems, the Clover POS does not offer free hardware options. This means that in addition to payment processing fees, your business will have to pay a flat fee for a piece of Clover POS hardware, no matter how simple your payment processing needs are. Compare that to Square, which offers all new merchants a free mobile credit card reader.

Square POS addresses the shortcomings that Clover POS systems suffer from. In addition to a free magnetic stripe reader, Square POS also offers a free version of Square POS software with inventory management capabilities. Square’s fees are similar to what you get with Clover’s Register Lite plan, and you can add a variety of features to your Square POS, such as: B. payroll and a customer loyalty program.

There are cheaper payment processing options

While the Clover POS is relatively affordable, payment processing fees aren’t the lowest available.

For cheaper payments, consider the payment deposit. Payment Depot is a merchant service provider that offers membership prices and wholesale exchange rates. Memberships range from $ 49 to $ 199. With your membership, you get the exchange rate plus transaction fees between $ 0.05 and $ 0.15. In addition, Payment Depot resells several Clover POS systems, including Flex, Mini, and Station. Other tools are a payment gateway and a virtual terminal.

Transparency problems

When you choose Clover, you have no choice but to process payments through Fiserv, even if you choose to work with a different merchant service provider like Payment Depot. Customer ratings on Fiserv vary widely, but it’s not uncommon for customers to complain about hidden fees, arbitrary account management, and early termination fees.

Clover also has many resellers, which means that similar business owners can get very different terms and conditions depending on the reseller they work with. If you look up review websites, you will find customers who refer to Clover as a “scam” more than once – possibly because they received a rough deal from a reseller. When buying from a reseller, read the customer reviews beforehand and ask questions about the terms so as not to go blind.

If you are looking for a POS system with great hardware options and a system that is easy to use, a Clover POS is a great choice. Despite a few flaws, it offers functionality and quality at prices that don’t break the bank.

A version of this article was first published on Fundera, a subsidiary of NerdWallet. It has been updated.


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