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Will Wix Answers become a player in the crowded customer service platform market?

I am intrigued by the origins of companies, especially when it comes to customer service and experience.

How did they come about?

Why did they come about?

I remember talking to Mikel Svane in 2012 about how frustrated he and his colleagues were with the state of the customer service software, how unfriendly and difficult to use it was, and how they wanted to make it more beautiful and less boring. And that’s exactly what drove Mikkel and his co-founders to launch Zendesk.

Your story is not unusual. Someone sees or experiences something they don’t like and sets out to find a solution to solve that problem.

So I thought I might be able to experience the same type of story when I got the chance to chat with Elad Eran, the founder and CEO of Wix Answers, to learn more about her story recently.

However, Wix Answers has a very different genesis as it starts with Wix.com, one of the leading players in the field of website building platforms.

Eran was the fifth employee at Wix and was vice president of customer solutions for nearly 12 years. During this time he built his customer support team from 0 to 1,500 people.

Wix’s approach to customer service has always been self-service, which is understandable given the nature of the platform, the economics, and the target audience. However, as they grew their support team, Eran found that none of the tools on the market were right for what they wanted to do.

At the time, they wanted to see what Help Center articles their customers had read and that couldn’t help them until they escalated their request. They believed this would give them more insight into how their knowledge base was performing and give their agents more context for the problems their customers were trying to solve.

Satisfied customer service representative.


For the sake of necessity, they began to build their own system.

They started with a knowledge base solution, added a connected ticketing system, more channels and a call center function with inbound, outbound, interactive voice response (IVR) and callback capabilities. They also built in analytics, smart routing, AI activation, and elements of human resource management.

Realizing what they’d built, Wix launched Wix Answers a little over a year ago as a standalone customer service platform with Eran as the founder and CEO. According to Eran, “Now that CX has become a strategic focus for many businesses, we realized we could help businesses solve the same problems we faced at the beginning of our journey and decided to bring Wix Answers to market bring. ”

But in an already crowded market, how likely is it that you will become a gamer?

Well, there are two things that I find really interesting about Wix Answers and their journey so far:

  1. You’ve always taken a one-view conversational approach to finding out how agents serve customers. You pull all channels into one view instead of having separate teams occupying different channels or switching agents between applications. This approach leads to a connected and consistent experience for the customer. This makes work a lot easier for agents and gives them a more holistic view of the customer.
  2. They’ve also built a full-stack customer service platform that doesn’t suffer from the integration or reliance on third-party application functionality to fix any malfunctions in many other systems.

In addition, Wix Answers continues to support Wix’s customer base of over 180 million users in 17 languages ​​and has acquired its own customer base that now includes MyHeritage, Fiverr, Guesty, Wonderbly and many more.

So one could argue that they are already becoming gamblers.

Will they go further? That remains to be seen. But they are one to watch.


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