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Compass launches new tools for listing presentations

The company’s S-1 filing highlighted the tools for agents preparing to go public.

Compass announced on Thursday the introduction of new list presentation templates as part of the company’s proprietary Marketing Center tool for agents. The new product comes as the company prepares for going public and leverages its ability to develop agent-centric tools for potential investors in its pitch.

Robert Reffkin | Image credit: compass

“Our goal is to give agents everything they need to serve their customers, grow their business and realize their entrepreneurial potential in one place,” said Robert Reffkin, CEO of Compass, in the S-1 release the company. “Simple, seamless and integrated.”

“We’re replacing today’s complex, paper-based home buying and selling process with a fully digital end-to-end platform that enables real estate agents to deliver an exceptional experience for every buyer and seller.”

The company said in a press release that the new listing tool will support agents in creating “tailor-made, customized and data-driven” listing presentations in just a few minutes.

In the Compass Marketing Center, agents can customize the number of pages, fonts and logos, objects, and more in pre-made templates. These pre-made templates are both local and national so agents can view customer data and images related to their local market.

A screenshot of the new Compass presentation tool. | Image credit: compass

The data that supports the listing presentations is continuously updated by Compass’ product and development team.

Compass’ product and development team has partnered with real estate agents across the country to develop the tool, the company said in a press release.

Compass has spent much of the last year introducing new product features and making platform development a key part of its pitch that dates back to the 2019 Series G funding round.

Although the company saw major layoffs and reorganizations in early 2020, it added to its product and engineering team, which has hubs in the US and India.

“The traditional brokerage model offered agents support and services in the pre-Internet era,” Reffkin said on the file. “In a world increasingly driven by technology, Compass is creating the agent support and service platform of the future.”

“A cloud-native, mobile, AI-powered platform that simplifies the experience for everyone and enables all agent workflows – prospecting, listing, pricing, marketing, searching, touring, collaborating with buyers and sellers, managing offers and closing Transactions More. “

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