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6 advantages of a pre-listed home inspection

A lot of work goes into preparing a home for sale, from basic property improvements to making sure every room looks perfect for upcoming open days and home tours. However, there is one big step that many sellers overlook: a pre-listed home inspection.

Typically, sellers wait for a potential buyer to bid on their home and then the buyer pays for an inspection. However, doing this runs the risk of a lengthy closing process, negotiating repairs, and potentially failing the sale.

So, if you’re ready to sell your home and want the process to go smoothly and quickly, consider a pre-listed home inspection. Still not convinced? Check out these 6 benefits of a pre-listed home inspection.

1. Identify repairs in advance

During one Home inspectionA trained inspector will take a close look at your home to make sure there are no significant defects. You will look at features like the foundation, top, roof, Plumbing and pipes, windows, doors and more. If a home inspection finds something that needs repairing, wouldn’t you prefer to sort it out before putting your home up for sale? Without a preliminary check, you will likely not discover any potential problems with your home until the final inspection during the process Closing processThis can have a huge impact on your sale and lead to last minute negotiations.

2. Price the house more precisely

Choosing the right list price requires knowledge of the market, an understanding of your personal and perceived needs Value of a home. But how do you rate something if you don’t know what condition it is in? This is where a pre-listing inspection comes into play.

With a home inspection, you’ll have a much better understanding of any defects or damage your home has and can set the price accordingly. Maybe the house needs one new garage dooror there are problems with leaking pipes. If you choose not to fix the problems revealed during a pre-listing inspection, you can include the repair cost in the asking price of the home. You can then explain to buyers that while the home has certain issues, they are getting them at a lower price. On the other hand, if you decide to go for repairs, or if you do a clean house inspection, you can increase the price.

3. Speed ​​up the buying process

One of the biggest advantages of a pre-listed home inspection is that it can speed up the buying process. If you conduct a pre-listing inspection and share the report with the buyer, the buyer may choose to omit the home inspection eventuality from their listing. That way, you and the buyer can close the house faster.

While a pre-listed home inspection doesn’t always replace a Buyer inspectionit can assure a home buyer that there will be no unexpected surprises. This can speed up the viewing process and ensure a shorter time from listing to closing and an overall less stressful sales experience.

4. Avoid last minute negotiations

No homeowner selling a property wants to face last minute negotiations, but this is common in real estate transactions. And unfortunately, last minute negotiations tend to be the result of unforeseen repairs. If buyers encounter problems during inspections, they can argue for a lower price.

A pre-listing inspection can bring potential problems to light, so owners can either approach them before listing a property or adjust prices to cover the cost of repairs. If there aren’t any buried secrets, sellers are better off avoiding last minute negotiations and the potential for failure of the sale.

5. Improve buyer confidence

Buying a home takes a huge investment and, to some extent, a leap in confidence. After all, buying a home that has serious problems like structural problems or a Mold outbreakis a potential buyer’s worst nightmare.

A pre-inspection can ensure that no stone is left unturned for either seller or buyer. Sellers can be honest about potential problem areas and buyers can proceed with confidence. That confidence can grow if inspecting a buyer produces the same results as inspecting the seller prior to listing.

6. Minimize transaction stress

Both the buying and selling process can be extremely stressful and there are many concerns for everyone involved. However, a pre-listing inspection can minimize a major cause of stress: the State of a house for sale. Sellers can rest assured that there will be no surprises after the purchase, while buyers can rest assured that they are making an offer on a home in good condition. This can make the entire sales transaction process easier to endure across the board.

As you prepare to sell your home, make sure a pre-listed home inspection is on your to-do list. The pros include less stress, more accurate pricing, and a faster sales process. Check for your inspection before listing A-Pro home inspections – Find your local house inspector Here.

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