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5 women entrepreneurs who choose this international women’s day

Today is International Women’s Day and the theme for 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge – a call to end inequality for our gender and those who identify as women. Choose To Challenge was chosen to encourage people to work for an inclusive world.

I reached out to a few women entrepreneurs whose work I admire to ask how they blew up – and how I knew they would – the gender bias in their businesses and at home – that delivered them. From disrupting the femcare space to reorganizing roles at home, these women have wholeheartedly embraced the challenge.

Show your support today by completing the #ChooseToChallenge pose With a hand held high, show that you choose to challenge inequality, instigate bias, challenge stereotypes, and create an inclusive world.

Here are five women who #ChooseToChallenge in their own business.

5 women entrepreneurs who #ChooseToChallenge | Stephanie Burns

Stephanie Burns

Gaynete Jones, founder of Best, Periodt

“With my company Best, Periodt, I challenge gender-specific prejudices and what is considered” normal “in the field of women care. Our period care brand uses gender neutral language and bold colors in a pastel pink space as not all bleeding people identify as women. I also challenge societal norms by using brown-skinned illustrations in our instruction manual, which I had never seen in my life because representation is important and we all deserve parts of us to be in the world around us reflect. ”

Prerna Malik, co-founder of Content Bistro

“One of the biggest stereotypes I’ve destroyed is that pervading the online marketing world. Non-native English speakers aren’t great writers. Hold my chai! I am Indian and have written high converting sales copies for A-List clients around the world that have results like 7 digit course starts. Not only that, I’ve also questioned the belief that working with your spouse is not good for your marriage. My husband and I have been co-owners of our Content Bistro business for 11 years and we are as happy as clams! ”

Destinee Berman, founder of DestineeBerman.com

“We’re helping women move from offline to online, from traditional to non-traditional ways, to own their specialty and start their dream businesses. I hope that our customers transform their life’s work into their unique professional path. For me, that’s empowerment. As strong women entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to assume our power and leadership roles, including in industries that have historically been male-dominated, including technology and VCs. “

Lisa Fabrega, founder of LisaFabrega.com

“I #ChooseToChallenge as the Latina CEO of a company specifically focused on helping female executives, entrepreneurs and executives around the world expand their capacities. When more women are able to navigate and fully sustain each next stage of their growth, they are not questioning their worth or right to occupy space, and the whole world benefits. Studies have shown that when women have more wealth and power, they contribute that wealth and give it back to their communities. That is why I support and stand up for women who expand their capacity for more growth, prosperity and impact. ”

Merel Kriegsman, founder of MerelKriegsman.com

“My #ChooseToChallenge started at home. The only reason we make millions of dollars annually in our business and discuss reparation and legacy at our table rather than how to pay off our debts is because my husband and I decided to step into the breadwinner role a couple of times ago Years. It didn’t make “traditional” sense. We had a newborn, I was pregnant again, and I was ready to squat and stay home for at least the next decade (because I saw my mother grow up). But my husband said, “We can do this, but we have to do it our way. ‘And we did. My business is successful, but we decided to first question the gender stereotype in our house and show our three daughters that they can do it too. “

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