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Would you start a film club?

I’ve always loved a good club – an article club, a documentary club, a cooking club, a soup group – and was thrilled during the quarantine when my friend Ameer suggested a film club …

Movie club

This is how it works: First, gather a group of 8-10 friends. Take turns choosing a weekly movie and watching them all separately. Then meet up on Zoom every week to chat about the film – for us it’s Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. And yes, you can wear pajamas.

We have seen and discussed these films so far:
Harold & Maude
The white tiger (i loved that)
Three days of the condor
Sense & sensuality
Judas and the black messiah
defend your life
Purple Noon (the 1960s version of The Talented Mr. Ripley)

During the club, I was always amazed at how differently people interpret films – I love hearing friends’ hot attitudes and debates – and some of the films are split in the middle in relation to people who love or hate them. Harold & Maude was also one of my favorites – I even took Alex to see him on one of our early dates – but this time I thought he was kind of smart. So fascinating how your tastes can change!

What about you? Would you start a film club? Do you already have a What movies have you been enjoying lately? Cant wait to see Minari.

PS The best family films and what are your three favorite films?


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