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Help! What chapter books for children do you like?

We’ve written a lot about children’s books, but now that the boys are getting older I’m curious to see which chapter books you like …

When I was growing up I loved the box car kids and everything Ramona and of course the babysitting club. Like a normal ten-year-old I lay behind our sofa, pressed myself against the wall and read for hours – hidden from the rest of the world.

But to be honest, I’ve had a hard time getting the guys into chapter books. You still love picture books (the New York Times says you’re never too old), and Toby enjoyed Charlotte’s web – but I want to find more that she really loves.

So a question to the group:

What do middle class kids like to read in your life? I would be very happy to receive recommendations!

PS Our favorite children’s books and a mantra of motherhood.

(Photo by Guille Faingold / Stocksy.)


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